RSS ABKM 2015 appeals to debate over Upamanyu Hazarika Commission report

The Three-day Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh National Executive Meet began at Ranchi today. Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohanji Bhagwat, Sarkaryavah (general secretary) of RSS Shri Bhayyaji Joshi will preside over this meeting. The Sanghachalak (President), Karyavah (Secretary) and Pracharak (Organizing secretary) heading each Prant (state units) of RSS from all over the country will take part in this ABKM. Other than these state functionaries, the 400 participants will include prominent karyakartas from social organizations working in different walks of life in the society. The meeting will deliberate on reviewing and future planning of organizational matters and activities and some resolutions on key national issues will be passed in the meeting.

Curtain Raiser RSS Press Meet was addressed by Shri Manmohan Vaidya. He stated that recent census which had just come showed an imbalance in the growth of population. There would be an extensive deliberations on the subject and a resolution in this context may be taken up. 

Dr.Vaidya also sought a country-wide debate over Upamanyu Hazarika Commission report. He said, “Recently, the Hazarika Commission report has given a startling information about changing demographic situation in Assam and Bengal. If the trend continues then population of Indians would be reduced and foreigners would be increased”.

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  1. I lived in West Bengal for 30 years, and I can categorically say that Bangladeshis used to easily sneak into West Bengal for earning their livelihood, from the time the LF was in power. While the Hindu women worked as maid-servants, the menfolk did odd jobs or were rickshaw-wallahs.The Muslim men were either butchers or rickshaw-wallahs.The then LF Govt headed by Jyoti Basu saw them as vote banks and gave them ration cards.With the increase in the number of B'deshi Muslims in both West Bengal and Assam, life became intolerable for the natives. The same appeasement policy has been continued by the TMC Govt headed by Mamta Banerjee. A number of Hindu girls have been bearing the brunt of assault, kidnapping and forced marriage and conversion by Muslim goons, which are hardly ever reported by the Media. Something concrete needs to be done by the Modi Govt to check this trend, which has made the lives of poor Hindus miserable in many parts of rural Bengal.

  2. All these things are happening because Hindus are following too much of tollerence. In fact it is foolishness. This is viewed as cowardice only by muslims