RSS ABKM 2015 begins at Ranchi, Shri Dattareya reacts on criticism by pseudo-seculars

The Three-day Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh National Executive Meet began at Ranchi today. Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohanji Bhagwat, Sarkaryavah (general secretary) of RSS Shri Bhayyaji Joshi will preside over this meeting. The Sanghachalak (President), Karyavah (Secretary) and Pracharak (Organizing secretary) heading each Prant (state units) of RSS from all over the country will take part in this ABKM. Other than these state functionaries, the 400 participants will include prominent karyakartas from social organizations working in different walks of life in the society. The meeting will deliberate on reviewing and future planning of organizational matters and activities and some resolutions on key national issues will be passed in the meeting.
RSS Sah Sarkaryavah Shri Dattatreya Hosabale addressed the media today. In his briefing he stated that, "It is a deliberate attempt of some writers/historians/Film makers to wage a superfluous discussion on tolerance/in tolerance in this country. There are no such circumstances prevailing in the country which call for this discussion. It is a naked display of subverted aspirations. Where was this tolerance when Hindus were massacred in Kashmir and burnt alive in Godhra? Why the voices of Shyam Benegal, Vidya Balan and Anupam Kher are being neglected? This is nothing but politics.
This award returning gang is not the custodian of tolerance in this county. We condemn any acts of injustice whenever and wherever it happens in no uncertain terms. 

This new found activism on part of so-called intellectual’s stems from their frustration of not being heard by masses at large. How to remain relevant is the main driving force behind their noises. 

Who is governing UP? Who is governing Karnataka? There is no “communal” or so-called “RSS backed” government in those states. 

When Gujarat riots happened, Modiji as head of Gujarat government was held responsible for the same. Why not congress ruled central government was put to task? Why Mulayam Singh government is not being held accountable for any law and order problem which happens in UP? Why these contradictions? 

Populace is aware of all the ill intents working behind these vitiated vibes. These intellectual will be doomed if media stops giving them space." 

RSS to discuss religious census and may pass resolution accordingly

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  1. The recent activism of leftist writers, film-makers, historians and so-called intellectuals is part of a conspiracy against the Modi Govt. by the commie-congie nexus, aided and abetted by the satanic evangelists and disgruntled NGOs. The popularity of Modiji is rattling them, and they are trying every dirty trick to defame the Modi Govt and the Sangh Parivar. I think it is essential that we have a Secret Service Agency to find out who is creating the mischief to tarnish the image of the Modi Govt. and bring them to book.I think it is the pseudo-secular scoundrels and their mercenaries who are the mischief-mongers , and then they target the Govt. They must be exposed before too much damage is done!

  2. The socalled liberals have hidden agenda. Most of them are connected/ associated with NGOs like Ford Foundation likes. Due to BJP action on NGOs their channels of funds are blocked.Bollywood joined the band wagon late, after the arrest of Chota Rajan , not a coincidence but directed by Dawood Ibrahim , who is the real boss of Bollywood.