When RSS Guru puja functions focused on social service

Shri Kalyan Singh, Shri Kanakaraj, Shri Brahma Yogananda, Shri Krishnagopal, Shri Srikumar Fomra, Shri Kumaraswamy ji 

In an organization like RSS it is common practice for householders to leave their families behind, go to another place and stay there for a year or six months in order to uplift a backward village. The unique instance of a Sanyasi going out of his Mutt and staying for six months in a far off village (Neelamangalam in Kanchipuram District) and initiating quite a few projects for the betterment of the villagers (most of whom are Dalits) came to light at the South Chennai Vibagh Guru Puja function on August 9. The sanyasi was Swami Brahma Yoganandha of Yogashanthi Gurukulam who narrated his experience at the function.  The Guru Puja function was presided over by Justice Kanakarajan (Retd. Judge of Madras High Court).  Sah Sarkaryavah Dr. Krishnagopal dwelt at length on the unique feature of Guru in the Bharatiya tradition and how Dr.Hedgewar shows the saffron flag as the guide for Hindu society.
'Bhagwa Dwaj' (Saffron Flag) represents Sacrifice, Unity and Sacred. He then spoke about the concept of universal oneness and explained how vital a role it plays in Vedic philosophy. He explained that the understanding of universal oneness can be seen on the ancient traditions of the Yagnas, in how devotees performing the yagnas make offerings back to nature, recognizing that whatever has been received has to be returned to larger universe with gratitude. He also spoke about how this understanding has resulted in the worship of the Bhoomi Devi in Hinduism and how Indians should regard their motherland as a Holy Land.  
Our country was invaded by many foreigners including Huns, Turks, Arabs, Mughals and British. Hindu society has been able to withstand the frequent onslaught from foreign forces and retain its core values and ideologies. Society is facing certain weaknesses that had arisen due to the effects of these invasions.  
RSS following the vision of great sages like Swami Vivekananda is working to eradicate social evils in the Hindu Society with the concept of ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha’.

Justice Kanakaraj was particularly impressed by the organizational strength as well as the disciplined stand of RSS in any national issue as he made out in his presidential address. Drawing on various instances from history, he impressed upon the audience the importance of the glorious legacy of the 5000 year old culture which empowers Hindu society and philosophy. 
A patriotic song was rendered by Calcutta Shankar at the outset. 
Sambhag Sanghachalak Shri Kalyan Singh and Sah Prant Sanghachalak Shri Kumaraswamy Shri Srikumar Fomra (Chairman, SMK Fomra Institute of Technology) were at the dais. 
Likewise at the North Madras Vibhag Guru Puja, the founder 'Arunodayam', a social service organization functioning at the periphery of the metro was invited to light the deepam at the outset of the function. Shri Kumaraswamy spoke on the importance of Guru Puja. 

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