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Hail Siva Ganesh! Hail Nizamudeen!

Meet the president of ‘Coimbatore Cattle Care Welfare Trust’, S Nizamudeen. Also meet Siva Ganesh, of the ‘Velliangiri Aandavar Goshala’. Both, hailing from Coimbatore are young men not connected with any of the Hindutva organizations. But both are engaged in serving Go-mata in their own way. They intercept trucks laden with cows being smuggled to neighbouring Kerala for slaughter; they hand produced the cows and obtained orders for maintaining the cows in Goshala. This patriotic and legal activity of the youngsters has sent jitters in the beef industry bigwigs. Several instances of anti-social elements burning down Goshalas and issuing life threats to the activists have come to light. Police are investigating. 

A Demand From Rameshwaram To The Defence Department

The reporters who covered the funeral of APJ Abdul Kalam observed a healthy trend in Rameshwaram. They found that the demand for a future memorial structure on the spot where Kalam was interred (a plot of land measuring 1.38 acres) should radiate patriotism, just because Kalam was an epitome of Desa bhakthi and he strove all along his service to uphold national security. With that end in view, many sections of the society have come forward with the suggestion that such a memorial should be built and maintained by the Defence Department of Government of India. 

People taste Success in Yoga Therapy For Diabetes

Smt. S. Sulochana, aged 63 had her blood sugar level 106/176. She attended the seven-day Yoga therapy camp for diabetes run by the ‘Diabetes Free Bharat’ movement consisting of several seva organizations like RSS, Seva Bharati, etc., soon after the International Yoga Day (June 21). 

Now, after the program she found that her blood sugar level is 90/110. Also her cholesterol level has come within normal limits. Her family doctor wonders how could this happen. The point is Sulochana is sincerely practicing yoga work out for more than two months now without a break. She is one of the trustees in the management of Gandharan Matric Higher Secondary School, Ranipet in Vellore District. The camp was conducted at their school. The follow-up practice sessions are going on once a week. Simultaneously information is pouring in that Shri V Gunasekaran of Kotturpuram of Chennai had a dramatic reduction in sugar level from 500 to 250, thanks to a couple of months of sincere practice of yoga. He was a participant in the ‘Diabetes Free Bharat’ yoga camp. Similar is the case of a retired Bank officer Shri Rajamani of T Nagar Chennai. He says he found relief from his sugar complaint. More such reports are just coming in. 

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