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Conversion to Islam a cause for concern

“Police inquiring into the case of a missing 22-year-old aeronautical engineering graduate from Ulundurpet (Villupuram Dist, Tamilnadu) were in for a shock when they found out that the Hindu woman had on her own accord left home and embraced Islam”, reported the New Indian Express of July 19, 2015. Why should the police be shocked? Or why should relatives of the girl be shocked? It is just a change in religion, after all. But the sinister implications are very well known to one and all and therefore this shock. Premalatha, the girl in question, assumed the name Aiysha Dul Apriya. The episode ended in a tragic manner when the Magistrate of Ulundurpet ordered her to be sent back to the Arabic college, according to her wish and against the fervent appeals of her family members. 

Where the tricolor was taboo! 
State level Hindu Munnani activists Parameswaran and Elangovan lodged a complaint with a DIG of Tamilnadu Police seeking prompt action on attacks on the Villupuram residences of Dharani and Baskar both Hindu Munnani activists of the town. The perpetrators were identified as Mohammed Ali, Shakir, Dawood, Ibrahmin, Riswan, Mustaq, Akbar and 30 others. No, it was not a case of wounded Muslim sentiment. Just because the area happened to be ‘Muslim-dominated locality’, our national flag could not be hoisted there for several years. The young Hindu Munnani activists saw to it that the tricolour was hoisted right there in 2013 against stiff resistance by unruly elements backed by some officials in the police department.

Aadi, the Tamil month of all devotion

Crores of devout Tamizh Hindu men and women started leading an overwhelmingly religio-cultural life when Hindu month of Aadi (Karkataka) month began on July 17. The ceremonies and festivals include: *Aadi month beginning *Fridays and Tuesdays of Aadi (holy to womenfolk seeking Mother Kali’s blessings) * Varalakshmi Vratam *Aadi amavasya (Pitru Karya) *Aadi Perukku (worshipping River Kaveri all along its banks) *Aadi Pooram (Lady Vaishnavaite saint Andal Jayanthi) *Aadi Karthigai (Kaavadi processions all over) *Aadi koozh (sacred porridge as prasadam of Amman - Mother Kali) *Aadi Tapas (millions converge at a small town Sankarankovil and worship Mother Gomathi (Parvathi) who does penance to have a darshan of Shiva and Vishnu together).

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