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Grahak Panchayat petitions Tamilnadu Government on Maggi fallout

In the wake of raging Maggi controversy, ‘Akila Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat, the All India consumers forum has listed the following demands, among others, in a petition to the Government of Tamilnadu signed by 5,000 consumers. *Conduct frequent surprise checks on Food products including cool drinks, beverages etc.,not only in small retails stores but in prominent Food Manufacturing Units, Distributing Centers’ and Departmental Stores. *Inspect food related items very frequently and not occasionally. *Open a common online Helpline platform for lodging complaints on Food adulteration, Violation of Packaged Commodities Act, False Labeling and MRP Violations. 

A nationalist breeze sways Tamilnadu rasikas

Now Tamilnadu literary field can be proud of a literary outfit with nationalist outlook, a rarity in Tamilnadu. The reference is to ‘Potraamarai (meaning a Golden Lotus)’ founded by Shri L Ganesan, a pracharak now one of the All India Secretaries of BJP. Precisely 10 years back when Potraamarai was launched the literary platforms in Tamilnadu were the monopoly of separatist anti-Hindu outfits. In this decade, uncommitted fans of literary events found a fresh breeze of pure literary change in the atmosphere. Thanks to Potraamarai. A cross section of literary figures cutting across ideology and caste has eagerly associated with activities of Potraamarai which celebrates its 10th anniversary on July 25.

Efficient vigil is the price of communal amity

Sanghothipalayam is a hamlet near Kaniyur in Coimbatore district. The Hindus of the place were surprised to find a group of Christians instigating communal tension by asking Hindus to quit “satanic religion”. As days went by, villagers found to their horror the Christians erecting a building, naming it as a Church and attempting to get electricity connection for the same. The Hindus lost no time and petitioned the Collector, who ordered the Block Development Officer to take action. As a result the attempt to impose a Church in the village was thwarted before any untoward incident could take place.

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