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A Sanyasi extols goodness of family and democracy

Here is a pleasant definition of democracy in the words of one of Saiva Adheenakarthas of Tamilnadu Shri Shanmuga Desika Gnanasambanda Paramacharya Swami of Dharmapuram Adheenam: “In a democracy, Government is the husband; Opposition is the wife; the children are the people. If a democracy functions in this way like a family it can be deemed as good democratic rule.” A Sanyasi extolling the goodness of family and democracy in a single go; the Swami ji’s observation finds a place in an interview that he gave to the Editor of Dinamani a Tamil daily. 

Will they ever ‘Rest In Peace’?

Two Christian denominations (Roman Catholics and Pentecosts) fought over the burial ground in Vellodu village of Dindigul District. A Public Interest Litigation followed. Disposing of the PIL, the Division Bench of Justices S. Manikumar and G. Chockalingam of Madras High Court (Madurai Bench) said: “Christianity has no caste system. What is prevalent and practiced in Hinduism appears to have been percolated into the above said religion (W P (MD) 8713 of 2015).” The judges accepted the submission of Dindigul Revenue Divisional Officer that he had settled the issue by allocating a separate site to be used as burial ground for Pentecosts. So much for the much-trumpeted castelessness in Christianity. 

Sanjeevani in your kitchen!

Quite often the solution is far easier than ever imagined. More than a dozen infants died in Government hospitals within a single week a few months back in Dharmapuri district. The cause was found as malnutrition. Recently, the volunteers of Ekal Vidyalaya movement found that simple home remedies improve the health level of pregnant mothers and new born infants. It happened like this; 1,011 women in hamlets where Ekal Vidyalaya work is strong enough were administered a combination of herbal home remedies and ayurveda-siddha medicines under the guidance of experts in the respective systems. The nutrition level of 846 of them (84%) improved. This successful attempt at fighting malnutrition was conducted in Coimbatore and Nilgiris districts of Tamilnadu. The Ekal movement pressed into service ‘Arogya Foundation of India’ (7810801122).

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