Is God a display material to pay price and worship? questions Hindu Munnani.

In the name of darshan fee, the State Government collects money from devotees in various forms. This practice of collecting special darshan fee, creating discrimination among devotees before Almighty is highly condemnable.
There are several large temples in Tamil Nadu under government control for several decades. The State Government has unfair, unethical control on these temples. Innumerable acts of negligence of duty have resulted in loss of several thousands of crores of rupees to the temples and their antiquity. Cows are dying due to malnutrition and starvation at the temples.

Hindu Munnani organized state-wide protest demo demanding free darshan to temples, exit of Government from temple administration and hand over it to a structured body.

Around 16,268 men and women in 66 places participated in the protest demo. Shri Ramagopalan ji, founder Hindu Munnani, Shri Kadambareswar C Subramaniam participated at Tirupur and addressed the gathering.



chennai arrest

Shri Bakthavatsalam, Hindu Munnani State organizer, Shri Manohar State Executive Member participated in the protest demo at Purasaiwalkam, Chennai were arrested along with Hindu Munnani activists. Later all were released.


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