Floral tributes to late Shri Abdul Kalam

'Desiya Chinthanai Kazhagam' organized shraddanjali for the former President Shri Abdul Kalam and for Shri Vaaleswaran (son of freedom fighter V.O Chidambaram) who recently passed away in Chennai. 

Shri Ma Ko Chi Rajendran highlighted the simple life lead by Shri Vaaleswaran and how they kept themselves away from the Government benefits. 

Shri Ma Veerabahu, Editor of Vijayabharatham narrated on the spirit of nationalism in Kalam's life.

Shri Balasubramaniam, Organizer of 'Nallor Vattam' an inspiring organisation in Chennai shared his experience on his services which made Shri Abdul Kalam to mention during his lectures at various places. 

Shri L Natarajan, Prant adhikari narrated on how Kalam's teacher Sivasubramaniam and Swami Sivananda transformed his life. 

Shri U Sundar, Vidya Bharati, Prant Pramuk appealed the audience to take the message of Kalam's life to the society. 

Around 40 people offered floral tributes to late Shri Abdul Kalam.  Shri Srinivasan, Prant Karyalaya Pramuk and other Sangh adhikaris were present.

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