Colgate caught red-handed

CSIR has proved that Colgate has committed the crime of stealing intellectual property. 

Recently, US-based consumer goods giant Colgate-Palmolive tried to patent a mouthwash formula containing herb extracts. The company had filed the patent at the European patent office (EPO) for "oral compositions containing extracts of 'Myristica fragrans' and related methods". 

The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) raised objections and submitted proof in the form of references from ancient books that are in the 'Traditional Knowledge Digital Library' (TKDL) of CSIR and the said herbal extracts were used for oral diseases in Indian system of medicine, thus thwarting the attempt to patent the mouthwash formula.

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  1. Colgate must be penalised. Hats off CSIR....must spread such news in social media networks and cut Colgate to 'size'