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Pak Channel’s pat for Amma

Here is something curious: Pakistani news channel SAMAA TV has applauded Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa for her government's scheme of supplying free rice to mosques during Ramzan, PTI quoted AIADMK’s Tamil Daily Dr Namadhu MGR while mentioning the Pak channels’ pat for Jayalalithaa. The AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu provides about 4,500 tonnes of rice to around 3,000 mosques across the state during Ramzan. The lady has thus managed to be on the good books of Muslims through this largesse launched in 2013. This reminds Jayalalithaa’s similar step earlier in 2012 to be on the good books of Christians. She then announced the State government's financial assistance to Christians to take pilgrimage to Jerusalem. 

Yoga Day has its uses

International Yoga Day evokes multifarious response from politicians. “Despite originating many centuries ago from India, yoga today is globally accepted and flourishing across the world”. That was M K Stalin, DMK Treasurer and son of M Karunanidhi. Central Minister and BJP veteran Venkaiah Naidu made use of the occasion to lambast Hindu baiters. He said in Chennai in an International Yoga Day celebration: “Some people have problem with anything to do with the word Hindu. The word Hindu does not refer to religion, but it should be understood as a broader cultural identity of India,” he asserted. “What is your problem, if the Prime Minister performs yoga? If you want, you perform or you don’t. What is your problem, if the Prime Minister asks people to practice yoga? Is preaching good thing wrong?” 

The resolution passed by 177 countries in the UN to recognise June21st as the “International Day of Yoga” is a landmark...

Slaves of the White still around!

It is inspiring history that a fiery youth Vanchinaathan shot dead Collector Ashe on June 17, 1911 in order to avenge incarceration for two life terms of Chidambaram Pillai, the great patriot. Vanchinaathan shot himself dead immediately after. People garland his (Vanchinaathan) statue in Sengottai every year. But an atrocious incident has happened. A bunch of people recently garlanded cemetery of Ashe located in a Church near Tirunelveli. This has caused a nationalist weekly Vijayabharatham to comment “Even today there are slaves of British Raj in our midst. The proof is garlanding of Ashe cemetery.”

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