RSS Third year camp begins at Nagpur

Annual 25 day RSS third year camp began today at Nagpur.

Bharat will be advisor to the world – Ma. Arun Kumar Ji

‘Like an individual, every nation also has its purpose. The purpose of our nation,
Bharat, is to be the mentor to the world. And hence, we are fortunate to be born in Bharat. There is a great expectation and confidence about RSS in our country today. We have to live up to this expectation of people and transform this country into a powerful and united nation’, in these words Ma. Arun Kumar Ji welcomed the participants of ‘Sangh Shiksha Varga- trutiya Varsha’ at Nagpur. He was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of 25 day long RSS training camp organized at Reshimbag, Nagpur.

He observed that a dedicated volunteer of RSS should have proper understanding and expertise of subject and bonding nature. The purpose of this camp is to polish these skills. At the same time he should be able to do self-introspection and connect himself with national integrity of bharat. 

To understand the characteristic of a real Swayamsevak, one can look at his conduct and purity of his heart.

Ma. Shri. Dattatreyji Hosbale introduced the various officers of the camp. Varg Sarvadhikari Ma. Shri. Govindsingh Ji Tank and Varg Karywah Shri Yashwant bhai Choudhary were present on the dais. Also present were Ma. Bhagyyaji (Sah Sar Karywah), Ma. Sunilji Kulkarni (Akhil Bhartiya Sharirik Pramukh) Ma. Anilji Oke
(Akhil Bhartiya Sah Vyavastha Pramukh)

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