Report on services rendered by Rashtriya Sewa Bharati in Nepal

Rashtriya Sewa Bharati offers helping hand to the earthquake affected in Nepal

The killer earthquake in Nepal devastated the neighboring country Nepal on 25th April 2015, killing more than 15000 people, destroying thousands of houses, and causing unfathomable loss to life and property in Nepal. It is indeed painful for a country with 2 crore population to bear the brunt of such a magnitude.
Bharat and Nepal share millennia old cultural, historical and social relationship and it was quite natural for Bharat to extend a timely helping hand in toughest moment of Nepal. People across all states of Bharat, rising to the occasion, collected relief material to be handed over to Rashtriya Sewa Bharati on massive scale.
The relief activity in Nepal is spearheaded by Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Nepal and 6 other organizations which launched rescue and relief activity within 3hours of the catastrophe. More than 1600 Swayamsevaks of HSS and other organizations were pressed into the relief activity across all the affected districts of Nepal. The other organizations working together with HSS in Nepal are Jan Kalyan Pratishthan Nepal, Pashupati Shiksha Samiti, Pragyik Vidyarthi Parishad Nepal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad Nepal, Janjati Kalyan Parishad Nepal and Sewa International Nepal
The affinity for the neighboring country was expressed through the constant stream of calls and offering the material help with all kinds of relief material. The earthquake affected population needed food and some temporary shelter immediately and Rashtriya Sewa Bharati moved the required material within 3 days of the earthquake.
It is worth mentioning here some quantities of relief material dispatched from Bharat to Nepal like- 
- Tarpaulins 55133 numbers  
- Rice 40000 kgs 
- Chirwa (flattend rice) 1500 bags    
- Wheat flour 1300 bags
- Blankets 83790 numbers     
- Food packs 70764      
- Sugar 13017kgs.         
- Salt 1877kgs.    
- Gur (Jaggery) 500 bags        
- Tents 2800 numbers   
- Milk powder 8035 Kgs        
- Medicines Worth Rs.5lacs    
The relief material dispatched to Nepal via Air, railways and roadways till this date weighs more than 200 Metric Tons while 30 Tons of material is yet to be dispatched.
Rashtriya Sewa Bharati thanks the donors and contributors for joining hands for supporting the relief activity in Nepal on large scale and expressing trust on RSB through their contributions, material or money. Rotary International, Bullion Mercahant Association, Brahmakumaries, Shastra University, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Indian Oil Corporation, Gokul Vraj Foundation, Asirvad Trust, Ahkil Bharatiya Vidyarathi Parishad, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Resident Welfare Associations of Delhi are included in the list of those organizations which support RSB.
Many volunteers have expressed their desire to serve in Nepal whom we would inform as and when necessary.     
We also appreciate the Volunteers of HSS and other local organizations for serving selflessly in Nepal.

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