Photos that speak relief measures taken by HSS Nepal

HSS Nepal is toiling day and night to carry on relief activities.  The grief stricken villagers, who were spending night under open sky, are overwhelmed with happiness to see the volunteers with relief-materials including food packets, blankets, tarpaulin etc.
A small anecdote on the spirit of volunteering:
Shri Dattatreya, Sahsarkaryawah of RSS and Shri Sunil Ambekar, Organising Secretary, ABVP and a group of volunteers reached the villages with relief material. The people belonging to the tribes Tamang, Lama and Magar were shying away to receive the relief material like Tarpaulins, Gur, Chiuda, etc being a hard working honest community. The relief was distributed keeping these values in mind.
But the best part was that the local youth from the affected community unhesitatingly became volunteers for the distribution.
In yet another district;
The people in the villages are running short for a safer place to shelter as everywhere is rubble. As foul smell has started emanating from the bodies of the dead, posing a threat to outbreak of an epidemic. The bereft families of the victim jump with joy when they see any new people coming, with the hope that they would pay heed to their heart-rending stories, or would bring in some relief materials.
Photos that speak the relief work:

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