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Aboobacker; may his tribe increase!

Shri Rabu Manohar, Shri Aboobacker, Shri K Venkatraman, Shri Sadagopan, Shri Pon Radhakrishnan

Aboobacker, Vice Chairman, Haj Committee, Ministry of External Affairs said that “the present Government is here to serve rather than govern. Service activities will definitely get a boost in this atmosphere”. It was at a release function on April 18, of a booklet titled ‘Pirarukku uthavida pazhagiduvome’ (Let us learn to help others) penned by Shri Ramarajasekar, RSS Pracharak and Prant Seva Pramuk, Uttar Tamilnadu. A great admirer of Kanchi Mahaswami Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swami, Abu Backker dealt at great length the auspiciousness of the seer’s blessings. Pon Radhakrishnan, MoS Shipping and Transport released the book; Shri K Venkatraman, Retd High Court Judge received the first copy along with Shri Aboobacker. Shri N Sadagopan, Prant Prachar Pramuk and Shri B Rabu Manohar spoke on the occasion. The booklet is the collection of articles published in Ramarajasekar ji’s column in Vijayabharatham, Tamil weekly.

Grantha Devo Bhava

Additional Chief Secretary of Tamilnadu Government Dr. R S Kannan expressed his pleasant surprise that at the Samskrita Bharati programme the entire procedure was in Samskritam. ‘Manushya’ a short story collection in Samskritam was released on April 17 at the function. In yet another Samskrita Bharati function ‘Mathru Devo Bhava’, an anthology of Samskrita short stories was released by former Judge of Madras High Court Smt Prabha Sridevan on April 19. The lady narrated an interesting anecdote on the occasion; “yesterday the co-passenger in my flight was Shri D Raja, a communist leader. He was telling me that reverence for one’s mother is sure to instill probity in one’s life. Today I am here to release the book comprising short stories extolling love for mother. I deem it a honour”. The lady is the great grand daughter of V Krishnaswamy Iyer founder of Madras Samskrita College. The couple of books released last week happen to be the first publications of Uttar Tamilnadu Samskrita Bharati.

The heroes in search of sparrows

Hari of Kanchipuram, a swayamsevak was particularly worried by the disappearance of house sparrows. He arranged a nest and hung it in a room in his house where no electronic gadget is allowed so that these sparrows will be free to roam. Meanwhile RSS shakas in South Chennai district have started motivating locals in helping the little sparrows to reappear in the metro. The shakas has taken it upon themselves as the weekly service activity campaign. An initial 50 households are being cultivated in this regard according to Shri B Prakash, Prant Sampark Pramuk, Uttar Tamilnadu. The idea is to provide water and grains to attract the little twitters. House sparrow has almost disappeared from urban areas and to a large extent from the countryside also because of the extensive use of pesticides in the farm sector. With the replacing of wooden and thatched house roofs by concrete material, domestic sparrows have lost their safe habitats in residential areas.

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  1. Shri Aboobacker is a blessed soul. So also is Justice Prabha Sridevan.
    We have a wooden 'house' for the sparrow, but have not been able to fix it. We should find someone to fix it for us.