No individual remains poor and inferior - Dr. Krishna Gopal Ji

New Delhi. RSS SahSarkaryavah Dr Krishna Gopal ji said that it is the Bhartiya philosophy of service that makes the people of this country see God in every man, such that social-service is neither seen as a vehicle for self-aggrandisement nor is there any motive behind service activities. He added that any service done with some motive or expectations ceases to be service in its spirit and becomes sheer business. “In our Bhartiya philosophy one experiences joy in making fellow beings happy. Offering of service makes us see God in fellow beings.”
Dr Krishna Gopal ji expressed these thoughts during the inaugural session of the ongoing Rashtriya Sewa Sangam, under way at New Delhi. He added that the only motive of our service is to ensure that no individual remains poor and inferior and should not be in any trouble. Maa Kashchit Dukhbhagbhavet, Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina (May all living beings be happy and healthy. May all see only good things and may no one ever have any grief). “We chant Bharat Mata kee Jai, but even if one individual is suffering, aggrieved, or devoid of education then this Bharat Mata kee Jai will remain incomplete. We should strive to end the suffering of each individual.”
Dr Krishna Gopal ji further added that in our country there is no discrimination in terms of religion or belief systems while offering services. “We accept and believe that service is part of the divine work so whatever may be the ways of worship or religious beliefs in an individual there is no distinction in the service work. To expect anything in return for service is impure. This is the fundamental philosophy that has been taught to us by our sages, saints, and seers through the ages. We believe that only fortunate get the opportunity to lend a helping hand and offer service to the needy.” He added that it is the responsibility of all to help relatively weaker individuals of the society.
“In the first phase, we wish to see that no one in Bharat remains poor and inferior and in the next phase we wish to build a similar situation in the whole world.”
Remembering an incidence during the birth centenary year of RSS-founder Dr Hedgewar in 1989, Dr Krishna Gopal ji said that the then SarSanghchalak of RSS Param Poojya Bala Saheb Devras had proposed the thought of initiating service work for Sangh’s Swayamsevaks. Can we begin around 5,000 Sewa works in order to alleviate the sufferings of deprived classes?, was Bala Saheb’s request, following which Swayamsevaks began the work in right earnest. “They not only achieved the initial target but have surged ahead. The array of service works that numbered around 7,000 in 1995 has touched one lakh fifty thousand in the year 2015.”
Dr Krishna Gopal ji expressed optimism that Swayamsevaks would ensure that by the next Rashtriya Sewa Sangam the sewa works of RSS will double in size and numbers.
Dr. Krishna Gopal ji also said that in order to root out accumulated problems due to our thousand-year bondage there was a need to prepare volunteers such as Abdul Rahim Khankhana whose mind and soul was deeply involved in Bharat’s culture and saw God in the people of this country.
Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi, during her blessings, called upon the need for creation of a world where individuals are peaceful and content. She stressed upon the need to spread love, compassion and selfless sense of service such that the wide gap between the prosperous and poor is reduced. “If the gap between privileged and deprived is not removed then no one will be spared from violence and war.”
She also stressed upon the need to instil Sanatan cultural values in children and called upon retired teachers to take upon themselves to teach spirituality and moral values for two years in villages. “To see God in a human being and hence to serve them is a priceless opportunity that should not be wasted.” She added that at present, service activities have been made into a profession, which is like cancer for the society. She also unveiled Rashtriya Sewa Bharati’s magazine Sewa Sadhana.
Ajit Prasad Mohapatra, the Akhil Bhartiya Sah-Sewa Pramukh of RSS said that Rashtriya Sewa Bharati’s works help wipe the tears of weak and the deprived. It also works towards instilling self-confidence and building self-esteem among the deprived people.
Also present on the dais were Dr Subhash Chandra, Chairman of Zee Media Group, Shri Suresh (Bhaiyaa ji) Joshi  SarKaryavah of RSS, eminent businessman Shri Atul Gupta, and Shri Surya Prakash Tonk President of Rashtriya Sewa Bharati.

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