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Hail Rangaraj Pandey! Hail Thanthi TV!

In a historical first in the electronic media in Tamilnadu Shri Rangaraj Pandey of Thanthi TV (the tamil channel run by the popular Tamil daily Dinathanthi) successfully drew out Dravidar Kazhagam leader K Veeramani and made him utter the sentence “When we say no God, No Ram, No Krishna, No Allah and of course No Jesus”, in a scintillating interview aired on March 28. On many counts the DK leader was cornered dexterously to admit that DK has always singled out Hindu Dharma, Hindu society, Hindu Gods etc for vilification. (the full interview in Tamil is available Veeramani has announced that DK will conduct Mangalsutra cutting and cow slaughter publicly on April 14, Ambedkar jayanthi. 

Padma Bhushan for Gopalswamy

Shri N Gopalaswamy former Chief Election Commissioner of India was awarded ‘Padma Bhushan’ by the President for his meritorious service to the Indian electorate. After his retirement, Gopalswamy has settled down in Chennai where he is active on the social front. He now heads the prestigious Vivekananda Educational Society which runs a couple of dozen CBSE schools benefitting nearly one lakh students. 

Double life sentence for jihadis

Al-umma is a jihadi terrorist organization banned after 1998 Coimbatore serial blasts that took a toll of 70 lives and maimed hundreds. Two jihadis of the outfit, Mohammed Sharif of Coimbatore and Syed Habeeb Koya of Mallapuram hacked Kollankodu Mani, a BJP functionary of Kerala in 1996. Hindu organizations brought pressure on the Kerala Government to hand over the case to CBI and after almost 20 years CBI has produced charge sheet in the Thalacherry sessions court recently. The court awarded double life sentences to both the jihadis. 

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