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Protect laws that protect labour: BMS Tamilnadu 

** There are hundreds of labour laws; they have to be reduced to one or two effective legislations; in the process, the trade unions should be consulted. ** The Central and State Governments have discouraged factory inspections in the name of economic reform. That renders the welfare of workers defenseless. These are two of the several issues highlighted by Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh at its 11th State Conference in Salem. The new state team was also announced as follows: Advocate G. B. Saravanabhavan, President; Advocate Murugesan, General Secretary; Chidambarasamy, Dy. Gen. Secretary; Durai Ravi. Treasurer; W.H.Sankarasubramanian, Organising Secretary. 

Brazenness of Nagercoil Christian College 

As per the diktat of the college management, students of Womens’ Christian College, Nagercoil) Kanyakumari District, are allegedly forced to distribute evangelical literature, standing along the main road every evening. Students of each department in the college are allowed half an hour permission before the end of the class hours to do this propaganda. The trouble started when Hindu girls were also made to fall in line. Parents complained to the police, who took no action after repeated reminders. The Hindu Munnani has demanded that the license of the college management be cancelled and the correspondent and the others be brought to book for making use of the students in proselytization work. 

A double whammy for Tamilnadu BJP cadre 

Christian friends of Tamilnadu BJP cadre are naturally happy over the return of Jesuit priest Fr. Alexis Premkumar Antonysamy, from Afghanistan following the efforts of Modi Government bearing fruit. Particularly, when the Prime Minister personally called the parents of the priest to break the good news, it was “the voice of God” for them. When this reaction of the parents was highlighted by the media, the BJP cadre naturally felt good. The other good news for the Tamilnadu BJP cadre is that the Supreme Court ban on Jallikattu (the ancient Tamil rural heroic game of bull-catching) will be rendered null and void by an executive move to remove the name of the Bull from the list of endangered species by the Environment Ministry. This has come about as a result of BJP functionaries taking up revival of Jallikattu.

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  1. Hindu students studying in Christian institutions are made to distribute christian literature to the public. They are made to read the bible and pray to the alien christian God Jesus or/and Mother Mary. Hindu students are not allowed to wear their own religious symbols like 'bindi' 'kajal', flowers, 'rudraksh' etc. It is these which Hindu organizations should take up with the Govt. Our children get 'de-Hinduised' after coming out of these institutions.