United And Skillful Society For Glory Of Nation, RSS

 Based on the speech delivered by RSS chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat ji at Rashtra Raksha Sangam , Railway ground, Nirala Nagar, Kanpur on Sunday, Feb 15th
 In his opening address Shri Mohan Ji Bhagwat mentioned that RSS events are termed as show of power by many. However someone who has power need not display it. Sangh is marching ahead by virtue of its inner strength. Such events are not meant for show of power but for self introspection. These functions tend to inculcate self discipline and self control. We need to realize that our destiny is in our hands. Nobody else can determine it.

Real cause for losing freedom--diagnosed by RSS founder, Dr.Hedgewar 

As the masses know, Dr. Hedgewar was a true patriot right from his child hood. Independence and the glory of Motherland were the only thoughts in his mind.  Dr. ji associated his destiny with the destiny of motherland. He participated in every activity which he thought will do well for motherland.  Call of motherland at that time was to free her from the clutches of imperial rule. To accomplish the same, some individuals followed path of armed revolution and some followed path of non-violence. Some others were following the path of social transformation to achieve the same end. Dr. Hedgewar volunteered for all such activities and he had regular interaction with other volunteers.
In due course, he realized that our civilization has a glorious past. We were strong and talented. And yet a few aggressors managed to dethrone us. Even Dr. Ambedkar, an architect of our constitution in his speeches conceded the fact that it was due to our own selfish motives, differences and malafide intentions that we succumbed in front of these aggressors. Mohan Bhagwat ji emphasized that no constitution can save us till the time we propagate the feeling of fraternity in the society. A united and skilled society is at the base of any transformation towards glory.
We see what we ourselves are. Any culture based discrimination is unfair. Indian culture believes in taking everybody along. And this is what Hinduism stands for. We need to hold together our diversity in order to show mankind the right path.

Good times and bad times keep happening. If the society is stable and strong, it becomes immune to circumstances. Be the changes you want to see. Crying is a pessimistic option. To overcome circumstances, lead from the front before expecting others to follow. To overcome darkness, just a small light is needed. You need to swim through circumstances before conquering it.

What does the Sangh preach?

Once upon a time, in Kerala there was a king named Udyan, who was sent to Acharya Parashuram’s Gurukul for studies. After 12 years, it was time for exams. He was asked what he learnt during the 12 years at Gurukulam. He said he can fight with 10000 people. But immediately he realized his mistake.10000 people will not fight with him at the same time. At one time, at the most 27 people who are in the innermost periphery can fight with anyone. Therefore he was sent back to Gurukul. After 6 months, the same question was posed to him. This time he said he can fight well with one person. He was again sent back to Gurukul. Again after 6 months, when the same question was posed, he said we learnt arms not for aggression but for self protection. He on his own will never take up arms for aggression, but if someone tries to bother him or his masses, he can fight till his last breath. 
This is precisely what Sangh preaches. We need to first correct ourselves. Once we are strong within, no one else can dare to harm us.  What Sangh does is, it worships the motherland, considers Bhagwa Dhwaj as its guru and sings the glory of our motherland. It does not discriminate on the basis of caste, color or creed. All are the sons/daughters of the same motherland. Everybody is entitled to his position irrespective of caste and monetary status. But everybody must follow egalitarian rules.  
Sangh encourages masses to find time out of daily schedule for nation building. It values family bonding. It practices swadeshi. Good individuals in every nuke and corner of country have the capability to transform this country. Hence character building is imperative. The more religiously we do this job, the sooner our Motherland will regain its glory. We need to visualize society as our family.

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  1. Great article - well articulated thoughts.

  2. Yes indeed, how all these articulated thoughts specifically missed by the media I don't understand

    1. Well media is dominated by left liberal masses who are miles away from reality...And then they try to encounter Sangh who is so close to ground..That is the irony