Presentation on hidden treasure works of Bhaskaracharya

To commemorate 900th birth anniversary celebrations of Bhaskaracharya’s contribution to Maths and astronomy, a two day workshop was organized in Chennai by Vignana Bharati in co-ordination with Prof. K V Sarma Research Foundation, Chennai along with P S Educational Society, IIT Bombay, Vivekananda Educational Society, Chennai.  Around 60 teachers, and eminent persons in different fields attended the workshop. 
Dr. K V S Gopalakrishnan, Secretary P S Education Society and Professor Siniruddha Dash, Director, Prof KV Sarma Research Foundation welcomed the gathering.  Shri D V Hari, Bharat Gyan gave a detailed presentation on planetary model of Bhaskaracharya. 
Emphasizing the importance on reading the traditional text, Shri Venkatesh murthy, National Institute of Vedic Sciences, explained the works on method of solving an indeterminate equation – kuttaka of Lilavati.
Shri M S Sriram, University of Madras explained four popular text of Bhaskaracharya – Astronomy part of Siddhanta Siromani, Gruha Ganita and Golidhyaya. 
Claiming that the ancient Mathematics is on top of Vedangas, had practical positive solutions, augmenting wisdom and strengthening confidence Dr. Sita Sundar Ram, University of Madras gave a detailed presentation on ‘Bijaganita of Bhaskaracharya’.
Shri R Gopu, Freelance Researcher gave a presentation on ‘History of Astronomy (with special reference to Bhaskaracharya).  Indian Astronomy begins with the Vedic Age as Jyothisa, one of the six Vedangas.  He also explained the role of Sanskrit and Maths in Indian heritage.  He also appealed the gathering to study the history of Maths. 
Dr. B S Shylaja, Astrophysicist, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bengaluru gave a description on understanding Observational techniques of Bhaskaracharya.  She explained the units of time (with shadow) and angle with examples of Gola yantra, Chakra Yantra,
Smt Rama Kalyani, KSRI Chennai, gave examples on vargakarma problems in Lilavati.  Dr. K Mahesh, IIT Bombay explained in detail on some selected problems from Bhaskara’s works. 
Prof. K Ramasubramaniam, a great scholar, IIT Bombay gave a presentation on the poetic value of Lilavati.  He highlighted on the careful, lucid exposition of the subject and the brilliant choice of examples on the works of Bhaskaracharya. According to him, all mathematical equations of Bhaskaracharya were in sloka form.  Scholarly people extract the essence of the subject and he asserts that it is easy for people to remember the formula in a poetic verse.  It makes mathematics more interesting.
Sri M Rajendran, Vidya Bharati Veda Ganita Pramuk highlighted on the upapatti in Bhaskara’s works.  Sri M L Raja, Uttar Tamilnadu Prant Sanghachalak presented his work on date of Bhaskaracharya.  He further appealed to the audience that with modern techniques available, more research work can be done on the date of Bharat. 
Teachers represented there also presented some works done by them on Bhaskaracharya.  

Shri Jayakumar addressing the gathering

Sri Jayakumar, Akhil Bharatiya Secretary General of Vignan Bharati gave a concluding speech.  The object of the workshop is to bring out the hidden treasure of Bharat.  Further, Sanskrit is not related to God or spirituality only.  It has more to do with science and development.  Reiterating Hindu is only a way of life, religious parochial concept should be resolved.  Research works on Indian tradition should be known to the society at large. 
Sri Chakravarthy, Secretary, VES appealed to create awareness about the glorious part of Bharat, revive and practice in the years to come.
Sri S Anantanarayan, Treasurer, KVSRF proposed vote of thanks.

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