Hinduism is not just a worship system, but a complete way of life : RSS SarKaryavah Bhaiyya ji Joshi

Itanagar: ‘Bharat without Arunachal Pradesh is crippled and Arunachal Pradesh without Bharat is nonexistent’, thus said Shri Bhaiyya ji Joshi, the Sarkaryavah ( All India General Secretary of RSS) while addressing a huge gathering of dignitaries, women and youths at the Art & Culture Ground, Naharlagun, on his maiden trip to Arunachal Pradesh. He added that our country is a land of vast diversity and this diversity is the richness of the country. Rich are those who have more and poor are those who have less. When India has more varieties, it is indeed our richness. Shri Bhaiyya ji further said that we have to find out and cement the unique spirit of oneness that runs in the veins of all the Bharatiyas and take our country forward.

Citing examples of our wars with the neighbouring countries, Shri Joshi said that we had won all the wars except the one with China which we lost not because of our lesser strength but because of the poor and withdrawing mentality of our leaders. Referring to the vast deposit of resources both over and under the soil in our country, Shri Joshi said that the Almighty has blessed our land with abundant resources and have instilled our intellect with a generous mentality to use it for the betterment of the humanity. The RSS believes in and works for taking this mission forward by intensifying the unifying force of spirit found in all the Indians regardless of their language, believes, customs and traditions.
He emphasized that our Indian society is basically liberal and assimilative because of its all encompassing roots of Hinduism. If this basic Hindu philosophy of respecting other faiths in equal term is accepted in the world then the roots of all international evils like terrorism, environmental degradation and economic hegemonization will be evaporated. Shri Bhaiyyaji Joshi reminded that Hinduism is not just a worship system but a complete way of life deeply linked to Indian civilization. Nevertheless, the so called critics of RSS should understand the true philosophical postulates of the organization before pointing fingers to it, Shri Joshi warned.
Senior Advocate Pritam Taffo attended the function as Guest of Honour and in his brief address Shri Taffo said that the Arunachali community has always been very liberal and have coexisted harmoniously without any distinction and discrimination. He added that openness of our mind, acceptance and assimilation of different thoughts has been the strength of Arunachalee society, which of late is on the verge of slight change from its original ethos, is a cause of concern for introspection. He appealed all elder generation to be very vigilant to re-establish the fabric of social harmony in the society.

A huge gathering of people from various walks of life attended the function. Among others, Leader of Opposition Shri Tamyo Taga, and leaders of various socio political and cultural organizations attended the program. The women wing of Kargu Gangi presented Donyi Polo prayer on the occasion.

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