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Refusing Tamil youths much needed courage and heroism

In May 2014, the Supreme Court banned ‘jallikattu’ (bull taming) in Tamil Nadu. This heroic game with agrarian origin has the purpose of making the youth brave and strong. Jallikattu is held in the weeks following Sankranti every year. Last year, because of legal hurdles, Jallikattu was held under the supervision of Collectors as directed by the court. Those who oppose Jallikattu made the mistake of comparing it with the cruelty of Matadors (bull fighters of Spain). In Jallikattu, rural youth risk their life to earn the honour. Brave and strong youth are highly in need today with the large section of youth population in Tamilnadu having become liquor-addicts. All the same, opposition to Jallikattu has brought the heroic game on to centrestage.

Ramapuram refused to become Ravanapuram

Volunteers of a renowned Hindu spiritual Order were shocked when they encountered proselytisation in a tribal village Ramapuram in Thirukazhukundram Taluk, around 50 kms from Chennai. The village has a population of 50 Irula tribal families. The evangelists made the mischief of downloading Christian songs into the cellphones of the villagers in order to brainwash them. It was when they demanded land to construct Church that villagers woke up and were soon up in arms against the proposal. When the pastor menacingly announced that the entire village will be converted into Christianity the villagers rushed to the collector with a petition resulting in all the officials descending and the village on December 28, the date on which the mass conversion was to take place. In the end, the Collector assured protection to the Irulas. As a result, seven of the ten families converted earlier returned to Hinduism. 

Tamil Separatists fuelling love-jihad

Separatists and pro-terrorists outfits were seen brazenly encouraging conversion of a Hindu girl into Islam in Coimbatore recently. A splinter group of the Dravidar Kazhagam is the outfit in question and the girl Sneha, daughter of a textile merchant, a Jain. It was one dance master Mohammad Mukthar who entrapped Sneha into love and married her after converting her and renaming her Shayana Fathima. The wedding was held in the office of the outfit known as ‘Thanthai Periyar Dravida Kazhagam’ and in the presence of its general secretary Ramakrishnan.

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