Protest demo against attack on RSS cadre man

Following the incident attack on Bhag Karyavah took place on 26.11.14, a protest demo was organized by the local unit of Sangh Parivar.

Shri Duraishankar, Chennai Vibhag Sangachalak stated, “Triplicane a revered Vaishnava Divya Kshetram is becoming a mini Pakistan” further he strongly condemned the incident.

Shri Ramagoplan ji,founder Hindumunnani also condemned the incident.

Parivar Leaders namely, Veerabaghu ji, Vanathi Srinivasan spoke on the occasion.

Around 800 people participated in the protest demo.

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  1. Triplicane had become Turkisthan long time back.Hindus are unable to take religious processions only because of that.The solution for this is only through a powerful hindu vote bank.