VSK Chennai Sandesh

Labour off Love
Over 8,000 employees of Nokia plant in Chennai have lost their jobs with Nokia packing up and leaving, “unable to pay Rs.2,400 crore fine by the State Government” on account of alleged local sale of Nokia handsets. From November, financial packages due to the workers are reported to have been disbursed. 

Writing on the wall
Huge flex boards on all main road junctions in Chennai call upon the passers-by to believe Tamilnadu Towheeth Jamaat’s claim that Islam is a peace loving religion. The controversial outfit has announced that it is propagating this for a month in order to drive home the point. 

Knee jerk separatism
In response to a 2013 Railway Board advertisements calling for applications to fill up 5000 plus vacancies, over 10 lakh applicants have sent in their applications. Unattested applications were rejected. Immediately CPI (M) Rajya Sabha MP from Tamilnadu T K Rangarajan jumped in with the charge that the Railway Board “discriminated against applicants from Tamilnadu in order to favour the Northerners”. This irresponsible accusation was rejected by none other than CITU whose members became wary of departmental action for spreading separatism. Meanwhile the issue was made to snowball by a statement of Vaiko of MDMK. He enhanced the number of rejected applicants to 5 lakh, just like that.

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