Unprecedented response for RSS route march in Tamilnadu

          In an unprecedented Sangh history of RSS Tamilnadu, thousands of Swayamsevaks/well-wishers including women (even transgenders) courted arrest on 9th November 2014 in all district headquarters of Tamilnadu as permission was denied for taking out Route March with Sangh Uniform, despite court order.  In all the district headquarters of Tamilnadu Route Marches were planned to mark the beginning of celebrations of 1000th Coronation Year of King Rajendra Chola.  Permission was sought from Police for taking out Route Marches.  As Police refused permission in 7 centres, a writ was filed in Madras High Court and the Hon’ble High Court passed orders directing the Police to grant permission to RSS to take out procession in the routes specified and to hold public meeting in the places earmarked with such reasonable restrictions as they deem fit and proper.  Instead of denying permission, the Police laid the following  restrictions for taking out the procession.
1)   The procession and the public meeting should not be conducted in uniform resembling that of armed forces of the union or police forces.
2)   The members of the procession should not carry any lathi/stick or any other offensive weapons with them at the time of the procession and public meeting.
3)   The members of the procession should not carry band/drum/musical instruments while going in procession or conducting a public meeting.
Immediately, the Advocate, representing RSS, issued a notice to the Secretary to Home Department, Director General of Police and Commissioner of Police stating that any attempt made by the authorities misinterpreting the order of the Hon’ble High Court especially para 20 would attract contempt proceedings.
The Hon’ble High Court had stated regarding Sangh Uniform as follows:
    “Arguments were advanced on both sides on the question as to whether the Khaki half-trouser and the white shirt worn by the volunteers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, resemble the uniform of the armed forces of the Union of the police force.  Apart from the fact that no member of the police force today wear half-trousers, the question is of no relevance to the cases on hand, since Section 41-A does not deal with the holding of processions but it deals only with drill, training or assembly.  It is claimed that the Uniform that the volunteers wear, was designed way back in 1920s.  Therefore, the Respondents appear to have raised a bogey, in the form of such an objection and they have taken recourse to a wrong provision of law.  Hence, on a pure and simple question of law, the impugned orders are liable to be set aside.”
             In spite of the notice the Police authorities have uniformly denied permission for taking out Route Marches in Tamilnadu in Sangh Uniform.  Therefore, RSS has decided to defy the restriction of wearing of uniform and proceed with Route Marches as planned.  It is pertinent to state here that the Sangh has agreed for other restrictions imposed by the Police.  As a result, the Swayamsevaks/well-wishers including women courted arrest in all district headquarters aggregating a total of more than 35000. There has been unprecedented response from the well-wishers and women for courting arrest. 
             Particularly in Chennai where the total participants was 8000 including women and well-wishers, the enthusiasm was so high that all came out voluntarily and got arrested.
             Despite being a massive public programme in 36 places, the Sangh discipline was maintained fully and totally incident free.
Colonial Hangover:
    Permission for RSS route march has been denied for a long time in Tamilnadu with the Police taking shelter under laws enacted by the British Government viz., Section 41-A of Chennai City Police Act and Section 30(2) of Police Act, 1861. However, both these acts provided only for regulation and not prohibition.  This has been clearly pointed out by the Hon’ble Judge himself.  In certain districts the Police have laid conditions that the processionists should not even raise slogans like ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ etc ., a clear case of Colonial hangover.
Further Course of Action:

It has been decided to file a Contempt of Court petition in Chennai High Court and proceed legally.

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  1. excellent...way 2 go...jus the beginning...

  2. Black Madrasi's are also Indians. It is Britisher that divided us into Dravidians and Aryans.

  3. We should proceed the contempt proceedings to the end so that these colonial servants should never dream of taking such actions in future.We can even approach the Apex court if need arises.This is my humble request as a Swayamsevak arrested for this cause.

  4. A BJP government in Tamilnadu will solve this problem in the near future..Tamilnadu unit of BJP should take this as an oppertunity and work with zeal to bring BJP as the ruling party in Tamilnadu in the 2016 State Elections.They can take Swachch Bharat campaign also in their hands sincerely to achieve this goal.this is my humble request to BJP workers who are the readers of this news bulletin.

  5. This is FIRST SAMPALE in this Tamilnadu GOvernment.


  6. Tamilians responded in a great way, UTHISHTAHA JAGRATHA PRAPYAVARANIBOTHATHA, there is no other organisation in INDIA which shows service as their motive, Bharath Matha Ki Jai

  7. I m feel proud to be a part of this event..it's really I great and unforgettable event in history of rss tamilnadu.. it's a first step for change

  8. Sloganerinng has no place in RSS Route March. Let the Police understand it first.

    Now, i request the police officials who laid down the conditions that slogans such as " Bharat Matha ki jai " and " Vande Matharam " should not be raised to go and arrest our Hon'ble PM Narendra Modi since he starts and ends all his public talks even in abroad with these slogans only.

  9. Vijayalakshmi MenonNovember 10, 2014 at 3:19 PM

    As one who participated in this wonderful event, I must say that I was astonished that the TN Police refused permission for the RSS route march, defying the HC order. As promised in the HC, the swayamsevaks did not carry any lathi, which is actually part of their uniform. There were no political speeches.As always, there was utmost discipline among the cadres and the supporters, which itself is unprecedented in any meeting of this magnitude. I do not think TN Police is so pig-headed that they cannot distinguish the RSS uniform from the military or Police uniform. Some vested interests,with anti-national background must be behind the banning of 'Vande Mataram' and 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' in independent India. Such anti-national elements must be trounced in the next elections and a truly patriotic Govt must govern TN. Let patriots work towards this end. By the way, a contempt petition against the TN Police must be taken to its logical end.

  10. Vande Matharam. Great. I hail all those Sangh followers' resolve to show to the world that here is a group of patriots who won't budge on the ill advised move by the Police. We do not know whether "Amma" was consulted. We give the benefit of doubt to her that had she been consulted she would not have approved the action of the Police. I salute all those who marched with discipline and resolve.

  11. congratulations to our HINDU brothers and sisters of Tamil Nadu

  12. വന്ദേമാതരം!

  13. Good show of strength all over TN. Will contempt of court be initiated against TN govt for not obeying court ruling?

  14. The route allowed by the Police is through a scrap market, where parts of automobiles are broken. Being Sunday the scrap market people will also not be there. The people living in this route are very less.
    Even in this pathetic route the police refused take the procession.
    Contempt should be moved in the Court of Law.

  15. Awesome initiative please continue the same in TN...

  16. Great initiative by RSS TN, and we expect more in the near future... keep rocking RSS

  17. Great to see so many of us ... vaazhga - Allikkeni Mainthan