RSS Route March ahead in Tamilnadu

In adherence to RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Suresh Joshi’s appeal to popularize the inspirational anecdotes in the life of the great monarch Rajendra Chola whose 1000th coronation anniversary falls this year, Swayamsevaks of both Uttar and Dakshin Tamilnadu are planning to take out route marches in every Vibhag on November 9, 2014.  In view of the uniqueness of the occasion, the scope of Patha Sanchalan has been enhanced and sympathizers not in Sangh Ganavesh as well as their family members are also to be included in the huge processions planned.  

Sri Sadagopan, Prant Prachar Pramuk and Sri Durai Shankar, Vibhag Sanghachalak and Prant Pramuk, Sevabharati

In a Press Release in Chennai, RSS State Media Relations Incharge Sri N Sadagopan said, “The 1000th year of Coronation of renowned King Rajendra I Chola is a matter of great pride and inspiration to our Bharat.  To commemorate the great monarch, a huge route march is organized in all district head quarters of Tamilnadu on November 9, 2014”. 
He further elaborated on the Statement issued by RSS Sarkaryavah Sri Suresh (Bhaiyyaji) Joshi in the recent ABKM held at Lucknow from October 17-18, 2014, calling the people of Bharat and Swayamsevaks to remember the glorious period of their history, which will inspire the people who work for national resurgence. 
“Swayamsevaks all over the country have been reciting the name Rajendra Chola in ‘Ekatmata Stothram’ – (their daily morning prayers) for more than five decades. The Ekatmata Stothram is a prayer offered to Bharat Matha, wherein the names of great Saints, freedom fighters, Rishis etc are mentioned”. 
“More than 1,60,000 seva projects are being carried on through RSS and Sevabharati.  Daily shakas numbering 43,748 and around 20,101 weekly and monthly Milan are conducted”, he said.
Sri Durai Shankar, Vibhag Sanghachalak was present in the press meet.

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