RSS cadre attacked in Chennai

Today (26.11.14) morning while Triplicane Bhag Karyavah Rajkumar (local unit Secretary) was going to Office, he was brutally attacked by Muslims by iron rods and lethal weapons on a public road. Luckily Rajkumar entered a house and got escaped. He was immediately taken to a Government Hospital with serious injuries at head and back. 
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On 23.11.2014, around 7 p.m. near Thiruvateeswararn temple of Triplicane, Muslim youths misbehaved with a family woman on the road. The Muslim youths ran away after misbehaving. The lady ran behind them and the youth was caught by the police who were patrolling on the road. Immediately, the relatives and friends of Muslim youth numbering 50 came near the police vehicle, slapped the police vehicle with chappals and took the youth away to their home. 

Following this, the lady also lodged a complaint against the Muslim youth. Hearing this, around 50 Muslims abused and retaliated the Hindu family. On hearing the news, Hindu Munnani intervened and raised their voice for family with the police. When Hindu Munnani intervened, Muslims came to police station and started attacking Hindu Munnani cadres. Police filed case against 5 Muslims and also 5 Hindu Munnani cadres. 

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  1. Vijayalakshmi MenonNovember 27, 2014 at 1:39 PM

    Whenever there are communal clashes, we find that it is always the Muslims who initiate the trouble. Then they come in hordes to save their criminal brethren. Police have arrested 5 Muslims and 5 Hindus,probably to show that they are even-handed and 'secular'! All Hindu organizations together should stand up against the physical attacks of murderous Muslims and pressurize the Police to arrest the criminals and book them for attempted murder.