Maa. Suriyanarayana Rao turns 90.

Maa. Suriyanarayana Rao today turns 90.  He is a serving friend, philosopher and guide to all swayamsevaks.  Native of Karnataka, he started serving in Tamilnadu as Prant Pracharak from 1970.  Being his Kendra in Chennai, he served as Akhil Bharata Seva Pramuk, took various responsibilities in Sangh and now guiding as Akhil Bharatiya Sadasya. 
Sri M L Raja TN Prant Sanghachalak, Sri Suriyanarayana Rao, Sri Venkatramu Dakshi Prant Sanghachalak, Sri Chempaknath Ji (Suri Ji's classmate)

In 1969, VHP convened conducted a huge conference in Udipi.  Suri Ji was in-charge of the conference.  It was a historic conference, in which, all the Matathipathis and Hindu religious leaders issued jointly issued a statement at the end of the conference that untouchability has no place in Hindu religion.  All Hindus are brothers.  His sister Rukmini is a senior karyakartha in Rashtra Sevika Samiti.

One of the brothers Narahari represented the college lecturers as MLC in the upper house of Karnataka Assembly.  During emergency, he went underground and guided people’s struggle against dictatorship.  

Sri Suryanarayana Rao, so far has compiled three books on Swami Vivekananda released at various functions namely 'National Regeneration--The Vision of Swami Vivekananda and the Mission of RSS', 'Vivekananda India condensed', 'Swami Vivekananda--A Dynamo of Freedom Struggle'.  His books are on a humble attempt to present the Swami in a concise form covering the magnetic personality, his achievements in the West, his intense love for his Motherland, his vision and mission for the regeneration of a Hindu Nation.  He also wrote foreword to many books.

A special puja is organized today in his hometown in Bangalore.  Senior Sangh leaders Sri Sethu Madhavan Ji, Sri Krishnappa Ji, Sri Jayadev Ji etc and Sangh leaders from Tamilnadu and Karnataka attended the puja and sought his blessings. Tamilnadu Prant Pracharak Bakthavatsalam Ji, Prant Karyavah Sri Sambamurthy Ji, Sah Prant Pracharak P M Ravikumar Ji, Prant Sharirik Pramuk Sri Shankar Ji, Sampark Pramuk Sri Rajan Ji,  Sri Harihara Gopal Ji, Sri L Ganesan Ji were among the Tamilnadu leaders who attended the puja. 



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