A team of 4-5 Hindu activists transforming lives of 4,000

Thirty (30) community leaders from 17 communities attended a meeting convened by Hindu Samoodhaya Aamiga Peravai (Hindu Social, Spiritual Forum) of Panruti (Cuddalore District) on November 23.  The Peravai was founded six years back with the objective of strengthening Hindu unity in Cuddalore District and preventing caste conflicts.  Sri Suhas Rao, Akhil Bharatiya Seva Pramuk, RSS addressed the gathering.  Here are a few anecdotes narrated by the participants:
·      These days we could enter a Shiva temple. Not only that we can perform abhishekam for Lord Shiva. We deem it a great blessing.  It is in the same temple which barred us from entering; our forefathers could never enter it.
·      Our children receive good education, thanks to over 20 tuition centres.
·      We could know our culture through the samskar kendras.
·      Students of our communities have formed the habit of early rising in the morning, a habit formed in the hostel run by Sangh. Those who study here avoid consuming beef.
·      The students got by-heart ancient devotional songs like Shivapuranam and they recite it daily.
·      These activities run by 4-5 persons have resulted in transforming the lives of 4000 people.  In short, social awareness has started spreading.  

This is the gist of the speech of Shri Suhas Rao:
“I can fully understand your feelings because your words emerge from your hearts.  We are setting a good example.  We do not choose caste by birth.  At the same time, all communities have given birth to great Mahatmas; those great men did not live and work for just their community.  They served the entire society.  We take forward their task.  I feel, it would be better if we do something more:   
* it would be good if members of all communities have food together (Samapankti Bhojanam):
* whenever community leaders’ meet is organized, all communities must participate :
* on the occasion of domestic festivals in our families we should invite all communities:
* we should observe our culture on the occasion of ceremonies in our families.”
Encouragement to the tough task of transforming addicts
During his tour of Uttar Tamilnadu Prant, Sri Suhas Rao, Akhil Bharatiya Seva Pramuk of RSS visited a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts in a tiny village by name Manaveli near Puducherry on November 22.  It is a service activity runs by one Sri Gopal Pillai for the last 22 years in the month long de-addiction camp so far 30,000 persons have been benefitted.  “How many of you know devotional songs by-heart and will be able to recite it flawlessly?” asked Suhas Rao.  He went ahead and pointed out: “Should we not set an example so that our children grow up into good adults?”  This was his second question.  The participants who wanted to get rid of their addiction responded positively and assured that they will set a good example to their children. 

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