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Tamilnadu to reverberate with “Rajendra Cholan Vazhga!”
In adherence to RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Suresh Joshi’s appeal to popularize the inspirational anecdotes in the life of the great monarch Rajendra Chola whose 1000th coronation anniversary falls this year, Swayamsevaks of both Uttar and Dakshin Tamilnadu are planning to take out route marches in every Vibhag on November 9, 2014. In view of the uniqueness of the occasion, the scope of Patha Sanchalan has been enhanced and sympathizers not in Sangh Ganavesh as well as their family members are also to be included in the huge processions planned. 

Hindu resentment pins down mischief by a couple of TV channels 
A couple of instances of electronic media willingly playing into the hands of anti-Hindu separatist elements came to light on the eve of Deepavali. Sun TV belonging to the DMK family telecast a talk show in which a Muslim lady, a naxalite and a Tamil extremist were allowed to spit venom on the Hindu festival. They expressed their desire that Tamilnadu should get rid of the tradition of celebrating Deepavali. The other news channel, Puthiya Thalaimurai TV, telecast similar views vilifying Deepavali festival. Angry Hindus led by Hindu Munnani functionaries laid siege to the channel’s office, following which the channel displayed a scroll containing an apology for the same. In response to curt phone calls condemning the anti-Hindu debate, the authorities of the Channel promised to be more careful in future. Social media hit back in a big way by marshalling reports of celebration of Deepavali on a global scale including the White House of US and the Prime Minister’s office of UK. 

Soora Samhaaram and Giri Pradhakshinam
Tamilnadu is waiting for two mega events. One: the Soora Samhaaram by Lord Subramanya (Karthikeya) which falls on October 29. Atleast 10 lakh devotees will witness the samharam of Sooran, a demon who waged a war on humanity, by Lord Shiva’s younger son Subramanya on the shores of the coastal pilgrim centre of Tiruchendur near Kanyakumari. Two: The Giri Pradakshinam (circumambulating the hill) of the holy Tiruvannamalai hill in which on an average 5 lakh devotees walk bare foot the 14 kilometre path around the hill, held by devotees as Lord Shiva himself. The entire gamut of electronic media is getting ready to cover both the spiritual events in full. This is an indication of common man in Tamilnadu remains essentially a devout person in spite of six decades of anti-Hindu, anti-God, anti-North tirades by separatist groups like DK.

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