The world looks forward to the inclusive philosophy as practiced by RSS: Mohan Bhagwat

Unity in diversity is the gift of Bharat to the world which needs it most today. 
We wish to take all along.  It is our tradition to live united. We have that capability to inspire the entire world by our sterling character.  At the same time, we respect all others but today the situation is such that we find huge problems.  In Tamilnadu and Kerala, Jihadi activities has increased.  Rare Earth is being smuggled out.  In West Bengal and Assam infiltration have caused havoc.  The Government is there to tackle it.  But what about the society?  The society has the responsibility to bring up persons without selfishness.  That is the only solution.  It is because of selfishness of our own people that infiltrators could get ration cards.  It is because of selfishness of our own people that terrorist could secure ammunition.  It is because society lost sight of its responsibility evils of alcohol violence on women raised their head. 
There is so much talk about reforming education.  But the supreme education is what the child gets before it is six.  So you have to look into our own family and ensure whether it is coming out with good examples.  This is a timely necessity. The family should sit together and discuss with an open mind and improve the quality of life in the family.  Of course this is a work that the society can do and not the Government.  Government may enact laws.  But it is the society that can remove the thought of high and low from every ones’ mind.  It may take time.  But it must be done.  We have to work for Samajik Samrastha starting from our family.  The philosophy that bestows blessings on all is nothing but Hindutva.  For the last 90 years, Swayamsevaks are striving to spread this philosophy of inclusion through its system of Shaka.  Therefore Shaka work should be established in every nook and corner of the country.  I invite the general public to come near to us and extend their co-operation. 


  • Mohan Bhagwat complimented Indian atheletes and sport persons for their excellent performance in Asian Games at Inchon, South korea.

  • The Sarsanghachalak had a word of praise to the scientific excellence and technological mastery of the Indian team which successfully placed Mangalyan on the orbit of Mars. 

  • Mohan Ji made a reference to coronation of 1000th year of great Chola ruled by Rajendra Chola in ancient Tamilnadu. 

  • Mohan Ji reminded one and all that this is the 50th year of Ekatma Manava Dharshan profounded by the great son of Bharat Mata, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay. 

  • Mohan Bhagwat expressed satisfaction at positive indications coming from the Government of India but he called upon the society to remember its duty of character building. 

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