Protest Demo by ABVP against liquor in the State

ABVP, a students’ organization along with parivar organizations called for a day long fast protest demo all over the State against the regulation of TASMAC (a State run liquor shop).  TASMAC has nearly 6800 outlets, wherein the age groups of 14 to 35 were most affected. The State Government depends heavily, for its freebies spree, on the Rs.23,401 crore being the revenue pocketed by the State Government through the TASMAC outlets.  District Headquarters and cities witnessed protest demo wherein scores of hundreds of people participated at each district.  Earlier, street-corner demonstrations, dramas, gate meeting etc. were conducted by the young college students of ABVP to bring awareness against the evils of drinking liquor.  Sri Ramarajasekar, Prant Seva Pramuk, who spoke on the occasion, stated that it is only the beginning and will not compromise till the Government rolls back the liquor outlets from the State.  Sri M D Shankar, Chennai Vibhag Pracharak, Sri Veerabahu, Editor of Vijayabharatham were present in Chennai.  Sangh Adhikaris also participated in the protest demo at various places in the State.  

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  1. Kan Ketta piragu soorya namaskaram. anyway congrats. just symbolic is not enough. Why dont your team make every college all students / management do a one day demonstrate / resolution / fasting (Every day one college). I believe election is not near. so this may not happen..

  2. Your suggestion was nice.ABVP has taken this demand not for publicity.Better late than never.Congrats.