VSK Chennai Sandesh

100 years of Madras bombardment (during World War 1)

The date of this issue of CHENNAI SANDESH is actually the centenary of something unusual. Read on: It was the third day after New Moon (Mahalaya Amavasya),that is 22nd September 1914, 9.20 PM, the German warship which already captured and destroyed around 15 merchant vessels having flags of Italy, British and Australia in just 15 days voyage, entered into the shore of Madras. Under cover of dark she immediately started firing at the harbour, thinking of attacking the Fort St. George and Royal British Navy, instead hitting the Petrol Tanks built at Harbour. 125 shells in ten minutes into the oil storage and destroying 350,000 gallons of oil stored at four Burma shell tanks were destroyed three of them completely, one in half of the way of destruction, but after just ten minutes of bombardment it just silently turned away from Madras shore and fled towards Colombo, as if nothing she created. 

Kashmir to Kanyakumari? Indeed, yes!

Kashmir to Kanyakumari is the phrase to denote Bharat. Kashmir is in distress. Kanyakumari is not keeping quiet. Swayamsevaks of RSS and volunteers of Sevabharati are going door to door collecting Kashmir Relief Fund. In addition to the fund raising, this activity has opened the eyes of people that Bharat is in fact Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Every major town and city of Tamilnadu witnessed similar fund raising to help the relief work in the flood devastated Jammu and Kashmir. In Chennai, the state capital swayamsevaks chose the busy Central Railway Station and Koyambedu Metropolitan Bus Terminus to collect the relief fund. 

IUML welcomes Modi’s statement on Muslims

One of the earliest reactions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that ‘Indian Muslims will live and die for the country’ is from the Indian Union Muslim League. Khader Mohideen, National Secretary as well as President of Tamilnadu unit of the IUML told press persons in Kolachchal (Kanyakumari District): “Prime Minister Modi has said that Indian Muslims will sacrifice themselves for the country. We welcome it. He has understood the sentiments of Muslims. He is the Prime Minister of not only Hindus but of the entire country.”

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