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Tarun Vijay takes Tamilnadu media by storm

“Bharat is not only Tulsidas and Valmiki. Bharat is not only Ashoka and Vikramaditya. Thiruvalluvar, the Cholas, Cheras and Pandiyas as well as Krishnadevarayaas also make up Bharat. This is the background of my recent advocacy of Tamil. In particular, I have demanded on the floor of Rajya Sabha that ‘Thiruvalluvar Day’ should be declared as ‘Indian Languages Day’. That is because I want language to be a unifier and not a divider” said Shri Tarun Vijay in an interview to ‘Vijayabharatham’ a nationalist Tamil weekly of Chennai. Tarun Vijay’s pro-Tamil statements have received wide media attention. For instance, Junior Vikatan says that Tarun Vijay is serious about this and will take it up with BJP President Amit Shah. In the Vijayabharatham interview Tarun Vijay has exclaimed whether he was a Tamilian in his previous birth. Also, he wants to be born in a Tamil family in his next birth. 

A Kashmiri lady’s discreet puja at a Tamilnadu hamlet

Even while Jammu-Kashmir state is girding up for Assembly elections, the wife of the Chief Minister Payal Nath, a Punjabi Hindu and a Krishna devotee to be precise, travelled all the way to Paranur in Villupuram District in Tamilnadu on July 16. She stayed there for three days in a Sri Krishna Temple there and performed the pujas to Lord Krishna. Reporting this, the popular Tamil astrological magazine ‘Kumudham Jyotidam’ says that people of all religions should know that Omar Abdullah’s wife is a Hindu. 

An unusual trilogy in the Cinema-infested State
Recently something unusual happened thrice in the public life of Tamilnadu. One, the strong opposition by all political parties in Tamilnadu to the notorious article and picture vilifying Chief Minister Jayalalitha and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry website. It had a salutary effect. Within hours, the article and photo were withdrawn by Sri Lankan Government and President Rajapakshe expressed regrets for the episode. Two, the issue of ban on Dhoti at the venue of a cricket club in Chennai evoked across-the-board political protests. It culminated in the Chief Minister introducing a bill in the State Assembly providing for penalizing Dhoti ban with one year RI. Three, a few weeks back Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi deviated from their die hard habit of issuing a statement with diametrically opposite views. They both issued a statement welcoming the Modi Government’s first budget. Of course, this goes to the credit of BJP Government at Centre.

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