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Farmers successfully quench the thirst of crops

Let us take a look at Nugumbal, a village in Cheyyur taluk, in Kancheepuram district. Even during peak summer days, several ponds and wells in this village hold surplus water. Farmers here plan for their third crop in May unlike their cousins in other villages who are unable to cultivate any crop because of water shortage in summer. Under the watershed management programme, started in 2009, exclusive watershed management committees have been formed in the villages. With the inputs from experts, farmers engaged themselves in desilting and maintaining the ponds to store rain water. More than 1,000 hectares of farm lands receive water through this project. Says Ragupathy Adhikesavan (60) of Nugumbal; “I have a small farm pond in my land and maintain fish seedlings there”. Valli Nagappan, another farmer, says “I took a loan of Rs. 32,000 to buy a cow. I am confident of repaying the loan”. No wonder, the village draws many visitors from US, UK and France to know about the successful watershed management there. 

Appeal from Sri Lanka to PM Modi for Hindu Buddhist unity

Hindus of Sri Lanka want peaceful coexistence with Buddhists there. This sentiment was given expression to in a rally and procession organized in Jaffna recently. The programme organized jointly by Indo-Lanka Hindu People friendship Association and Hindu Religious Federation. The organizers demanded that conversion by coercion must be put an end to. Participants in the rally appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India to facilitate Hindu Buddhist unity. Yoga Raja Dushyantan, one of the organizers, said “Narendra Modi projected himself as a Hindu always. That is why we look forward to him for a proper leadership in this issue.” 

Samskar Bharati National Executive Meet at Chennai

A grand cultural festival—Rashtriya Kala Saadhaka Sangamam—in 2015 with 4000 kalakaars participating is being planned by Samskar Bharati. Last week the All India Executive met in Chennai under the Chairmanship of the celebrated Marati Film Maker Raj Dutt, the All India President of Samskar Bharati. The organization for ennobling the field of art has immediate plans to spread and strengthen its units in every field of kala vidhas namely Sangeetha, Nruthya, Natya, Sakthiya, chitrakala, boo-alankara, folk and praachina kala. 75 persons attended the two day meet informs Pa Ra Krishnamurthy, All India Organizing Secretary of Samskar Bharati. 

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