VSK Chennai Sandesh

Chennai women take Kali Avatar
These Chennai ladies are all devotees of Semaathamman (Kali) whose temple situated bang on the premises of Chenna Metro Bus Terminus; it is more than 1500 years old. A portion of the land belonging to the temple is sought to be used for Metro Rail Project. These devotees are enraged and so to protect their traditional treasure, they sit in dharna. Hindu Munnani pitched in. A formal protest has been registered in the form of a petition condemning the attempt to misuse the Hindu temple land, informs Hindu Munnani City Secretary Elangovan. 

A village beautifully wreaks vengeance on liquor

Residents of Kulatheebamangalam village near Tirukoilur in Villupuram District, shut down a TASMAC (liquor outlet run by State Government) in the area and held a protest last week. Earlier, the State Government had failed to take action on their demand to relocate the shop. A few years back, Rajagopal, who had let out a portion of his house for TASMAC outlet, was looking for an alliance for his son. The proposal was turned down by the bride’s family citing the TASMAC shop as the reason. The entire village was shocked. The villagers gathered outside the shop and made the staff leave. They then locked the shop. TASMAC officials reached there and assured that they would relocate the shop within a week, after which the protest was withdrawn. 

Think of welfare governance? Come to Bharat

Egypt was in news for over six months for wrong reasons. The country witnessed a civil war between Muslim Brotherhood extremists Islamist outfit and the national Army. The Army succeeded in quelling the riot after banning the outfit and crushing the demonstrations ruthlessly. Now representatives of Egypt chose to visit Bharat to learn how to govern as a welfare state. They came to Chennai. They ate a couple of idlis at the Amma Unavagam situated inside the General Hospital premises. “This scheme is unbelievable. This is even beyond what the Western countries do,” said Mohamed Adel Rezk, one of the representatives. It may be remembered that Amma Unavagams serve tiffin at subsidized rates; idli for Re. 1, sambar rice, pongal and curry leaf rice for Rs. 5, and curd rice for Rs. 3. 

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