RSS and Muslims - anecdote

In 1978, Swayamevaks of Chennai organized for a service activity of blood donation. It so happened that a businessman from Bhavani (Erode) was in Chennai looking for blood donors. His 12 yr old niece had been admitted to GH Chennai for open heart surgery. He was a Muslim but his relatives and co-religionists did not help him in this. Then there were the men who sell blood but to accept the blood was risky. Surgeons advise him to approach RSS office in Chennai. On information, 5 swayamsevaks volunteered to give blood at the precise time. To the Bhavani gentlemen this was the shock of the life. All his preconceived notion about RSS being anti-muslim were shattered. He went back to Bhavani and wrote a thanksgiving letter to each of the donor swayamsevak. At the end of the letter he prayed to Allah to bless for the growth of RSS. It was the year 1978 a group of Muslims visited the Chennai RSS Office on the invitation of a Pracharak who was their jail mate during the emergency of 1975-77. Even while they were chit chatting it was time for Namaaz. So Karyakarthas nearby made arrangements for the comfortable performance of Namaaz by the visitors inside Sangh Karyalaya. Next day ‘The Hindu” of Chennai recorded this incident in one of its news items.

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