Hindu Munnani leader murdered, RSS condemns

Hindu Munnani lost yet another activist in Chennai following the murder of Sri Vellaiyappan at Vellore and Sri Ramesh BJP of Salem. K P Suresh, 48, Thiruvallur District President of Hindu Munnani was hacked to death on Wednesday night, 18th June around 9.30 p.m. K P Suresh is a soft spoken swayamsevak of Kanyakumari. It is said that unidentified gang of three suddenly attacked Suresh causing serious injuries to his face, neck and body. Hearing the shocking news, hundreds of Hindu activists staged road roko demanding the initiation of police action.

RSS functionaries and Hindu Munnani founder Ramagopalan strongly condemned the continuous murders of Hindu leaders in the state. In his statement, “It is not even a year passed on the murder of Sri Vellaiyappan. He hit the State Government that the release of Hyder Ali, (on 17th June) a terrorist wanted in various cases including the bomb blast of RSS Office Chennai, (1993) shows the soft dealing view with terrorists and Tamilnadu is now a peaceful haven for terrorists.

He further appealed that the Chief Minister should directly oversee the case pertaining to the killings and ensure that the miscreants are brought under law". 

Hindu Munnani and parivar organizations called for a rally and protest demo throughout the State. Hundreds of Hindu activists of all parivar organizations staged protest demo. In Chennai, a rally was organized wherein 2000 activists from all parivar organizations participated. Sri Ramagopalan Hindu Munnani, Prant Sevak Pramuk Sri Ramarajasekar, Sri M D Shankar Vibhag Pracharak, Sri Elangovan HM City Secretary, Smt Vanathi Srinivasan BJP and adhikaris participated in the rally and paid their tributes to the departed soul. The last rites is to be performed at his native place Kanyakumari. 

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  1. How long such murder be continued allowed either North India in UP Bihar & TamilnadU Kerala even when we have right wing govt and Home Ministery are mum.


  3. police and tamilnadu all dravidians parties are anti-hindus parties so hindu munnai and every hindus need to know martial arts and every hindu should have nanchak,swords daily life to protect from muslim majority ruling peoples. actually hindus are blame himself to died by muslims. every hindus wanna to vote for hindu nationalist party. publicly we have don't have chance to hold swords but nanchak is safety for hindus. i protect myself like this. anyway sad news is most of the hindus are stupids they will vote for DMK,ADMK muslim ,christian nationalist parties only.

    1. I didn't understand from where u got the word Muslim majority.as if u r educated u should know that just 14% of overall indian population are muslim.at least 80 ministers should be of that community. but actually it is not like that.if u want to blame u have to blame brahmins who are just less than 2% but ruling all over india.using other communities as spade for their politics. comparitively loss of lives is more for muslims than other religion (Gujarat, up, assam, bhutan, srilanka & even in other countries).u know why cause it is the only religion where u can't find caste partialities.there are some groups with name of muslim practicing terrorism.I agree but majority of muslims are insane.if u don't know I will remember u that how many muslim lives sang parivar organisation took just only in gujarat (more than 10000).just think who have to get anger first.muslim or hindu.what wrong they had done.nothing.if they want to revenge just imagine what happen then.if u r a devar, u won't like kavundar or viseversa. & the same thing among other hindu caste.but if u r a muslim ,not important who or from where u will be brotherhood for all muslims.may be u r a member of sangh parivar.but ur head of all will always be a Brahmin.u r always worker & under their foot& they wont bother about ur life, example of which was happened in rss office where 2 members of rss blasted while trying to operate a bomb.what happened only their parents lost their sons.media closed this news.same thing in Maharashtra, pune, kerala,goa etc.so dont think only muslim had done this.even hindu organisation trying to do lot of nasty things which was fortunately hidden by media.so i don't want to be a slave or revenge r like u.first of all try to have good heart rather than nanchak. Ur weapon wont be answer for all.think with ur own brain.I think u have it