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Vriksha Devo Bhava...

Neyveli in Tamilnadu brings to one’s mind the biggest open coal mine in Asia. Last week a Shakha in Neyveli decided to take up watering saplings planted along the periphery of the huge playground where the Shakha is going on. The Shakha team has taken it up as weekly seva karya. When swayamsevaks led by young Saravanan systematically began the watering seva, lady from a nearby residence became curious and ask what is going on. Swayamsevaks explained to her the thoughtful weekly seva karya they have undertaken. The lady was overwhelmed, but expressed her displeasure over several teams playing cricket all along the playground “uselessly”. Of course, swayamsevaks had no answer for that. 

Shatamaanam Bhavathu…

While district collectors in many parts of Tamilnadu hit the roads spreading awareness about casting one’s vote in pursuance of election commission’s 100 percent polling, quite a few traders have come out with their own ideas of luring the voters to the polling booth. A broiler chicken outlet has announced that it will give a discount of Rs.4/- per kilo to anyone who shows the indelible ink on his or her left index finger on the date of polling. In Trichy a hotelier has announced that anyone who shows the ink on his or her finger after casting one’s vote on April 24, the day when 39 Lok Sabha constituencies go to poll, need pay only 50% of the cost of the meal. This attraction is valid from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the polling date according to Satish, the owner of the hotel.

Sahanav Bhunaktu….

Election campaign invariably presents so many odd scenarios. One such was seen in Puducherry Lok Sabha constituency. The candidate of NR Congress, led by Chief Minister N Rangaswamy as well as the candidate of PMK led by Ramadoss both part of NDA led by BJP use pictures of Narendra Modi amply, though the former is the official NDA candidate. How much BJP is sought after nowadays is eloquently proved by Modi mania obtaining in the Union Territory of Puducherry. There are positive fall outs as well. Vaiko of MDMK hosted a lunch at his residence for BJP functionaries the other day. Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss of PMK hosted a lunch for Vaiko at his farm house in Thailapuram near Villupuram. Vijaykanth on his part campaigns for candidates in the NDA coalition in several places. Though these are scenes among NDA coalition partners, the informal visits to persons in other political parties is something quite new to Tamilnadu’s political life. 

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