VHP lashes out on fabricated stories in sponsored sting journalism


Allahabad, April 06 Sunday, 2014 – Three forces are there in the world that believe in violence and they never waver in perpetrating it openly and overtly. The three are Islamic Jihadists, Communist Maoist Naxalites and the Salvation Army of the Christian Church. Numerous of their organizations are proactive in the North-Eastern States of Bharat (India) as also the whole of the country. The secular fundamentalist forces of the country and these outlandish forces are out to establish a fiction that a Jehadi violent force of Hindus is also active in Bharat in equal measure as these three violent forces. The fictitious Jihadi Hindu force they are talking of to perpetuate a fear psychosis is sham and non-existent in Bharat. It is not only an insult to Bharat but also a conspiracy to defame the most tolerant and holistic, altruistic and syncretic culture of the world. These three violent forces ran a vicious movement in the name of ‘Khalistan’, and these forces are also behind the violent movements in the North-East and Kashmir.  

The Bharatiya mindset never trusted and believed in these violent, unjust, immoral and unethical organizations, nor did the Bharatiya culture ever allowed their sprouting in the country. The Bharatiya culture is strong enough even today not to allow the sprouting of Jihadi forces and nor take roots here which is why the Khalistani violent movement gave way for all times to come. 

Some people engaged in sponsored sting journalism sitting at the Cobra Post desk are trying to convince the people about Sri Rama Janma Bhumi that some such indigenous violent force is active in Bharat. Sitting by a desk, a good make-believe or story of fantasy or a novel could be written, but then the truth cannot be made evident. The gentleman who has fabricated this story, he should once meet those authorities who through their own eyes as also the eyes of the cameras set up all around the Janmabhumi to learn as to how that structure came down. No iron tool was necessary nor was it ever used. So many Commissions looked into the turn of events and no witness whosoever came forward ever to report to it about any fabricated story of petrol bombs being used. The story is the height of lies and untruth. The Cobra Post is altogether an establishment of dishonesty and deceit. Till a few months ago similar falsehoods were being served by the Tarun Tejpal’s Tehelka and now the credibility and character quotients of both Mr Tarun Tejpal and his Tehelka are exposed before the people. The Tehelka was financially patronized by a Central Cabinet Minister of the Congress-led UPA Government, and the Cobra Post has also been floated under some such conspiracy. This is commercialism in the name of journalism which would very soon be exposed.

-          Mahavir Bhawan, Allahabad

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