Tanjavur BJP Lok Sabha Candidate brutally attacked

Sri Karupu Muraganatham, BJP candidate contesting from Tanjavur LOK Sabha constituency was campaigning at Mallipatinam, (Atiram Pattinam) today (April 14,2014). All on the sudden armed Jihadi group belonging to SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India) surrounded the BJP Candidate’s Van and smashed it completely. Several BJP workers covered candidate Muraganantham though he was injured and covered BJP workers were also injured. Candidate Muruganantham  had to flee the spot to save his life all this happened in the presence of Police. This violent attack occurred hours after Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and AIADMK General Secretary Jayalalitha began her attack on BJP. She had spoken to that effect that BJP candidates will be made to forfeit their deposits and therefore such violent attack on BJP Candidates all over the state may follow, according to observers. 

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  1. Shame on Jayalalitha for indirectly encouraging goons to attack Opposition candidates! She must realize that such a move will ultimately backfire on her!

  2. This kind of wanton hate- campaign against the popular candidate, Narendra Modi is uncalled for, and it is against democratic principles. Shabnam Hashmi and her cohorts of the "progressive" forum are not really progressive, when they are trying to arm-twist the common people of this country. These commies/leftists are themselves the ones who are subscribing to a violent, intolerant ideology. Such people deserve the strongest possible condemnation for interfering with the democratic norms and principles prevalent in this country. This is proof enough that anti-national/anti-India forces are running riot in this country, and they should be snubbed in the coming elections.