RSS: Sangha Shiksha Varg commences at Erode

The First Year Annual Training Camp (Sangh Siksha Vargha) of RSS, Uttar Tamilnadu was inaugurated by lighting of lamp by Poojya Shri Marudhachala Adigalar of the respected Perur Mutt on 27.4.14.  More than 200 swayamsevaks will undergo the 20 days training camp in Kongu Kalvi Nilayam in Erode.
Sri Sambamurthy Sah Prant Karyavah, Pujyashri Marudhachala Adigalar, Sri C D Venkateswaran, Sri D Sankar, Prant Shareerik Pramuk

Wholeheartedly blessing the camp, the Swami highlighted the purpose of the training in the camp.  It is for self-defence from external threat i.e., physical threat and most important from internal threat i.e., from brainwashing being carried out by vested interest who go on propagating that India is a poor country so on and so forth.  The camp will highlight the greatness of our nation in various fields and that the trainees should spread this in their respective localities after their return to their places.  He cited the example of Thirugnana Sambandhar, Appar, two among the 63 Nayanmars, who initiated various service activities 1500 years back.  Without knowing this our people are carried away by the service activities carried out by alien religions.  He also praised the service activities carried out by Swayamsevaks during the plane crash in Harayana, during earth quakes in Gujarat, Maharashtra etc.  He expressed his anguish over the funds of the temples which were contributed by devoted Hindus from humble background being diverted to various activities carried out by alien faiths and that this has to be stopped.
Sri D.Shankar, Prant Shareerik Pramukh in his inaugural address stressed on how the trainees mental frame work should be and how the rigorous training of the camp should be undertaken citing various examples.

Sri C.D.Venkateswaran (alias Sri C.D.Kumar), a respected personality of Erode and the owner of C.D.Oil Mills will be the Varg Adikhari for the camp.

The trainees include Professionals, self-employed, farmers, employees, college students, school students etc.

(Report by ARK Prasad, Prant Boudhik Pramukh from Erode)

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