Pujaniya Sarsanghachalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat’s New Year’s message

Namaskar, Wish you all a happy new year. We all know that according to our belief, Chaitra Shudha Pratipada is the first day of the cycle of creation. This is the day of Shalivahana’s victory. This is also the birthday of RSS founder ParamPujya Dr.Hedgewar. In our tradition, Varsha Pratipada is considered a day of resolution. Three things are necessary for any change to take place. First is a strong resolve. Second, pursuing the resolution as a one-pointed goal and preparedness to sacrifice everything for it. And the third is making our lives eligible for such mission by pursuing things that align with the goal and eliminating things that are obstacles to the goal or misalign with it.
All the above mentioned qualities can be found in the life of Sangh founder ParamPujya Dr.Hedgewar. Similar examples can be found in the lives of all those first generation Sanghkaryakartas, who were moulded in the hands of Doctorji. We want to take our country, our nation to the pinnacle of glory. We pray that let there be peace, comfort and brotherhood in the entire world. Let the entire world regain its lost balance on the basis of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumabakam' and walk in the path of righteousness. We work hard to fulfill this mission. We must keep in mind that we make this resolve our life mission. Let us devote all our energies for this sacred cause. We always put in efforts to improve those skills that are in tune with our goal while eliminating those flaws that are impediments in our goal. We are fortunate that such a buzz has been created all around the world that we will, as a result of our relentless efforts, soon witness all the above changes not only in Bharat but also in the entire world.
Today, there is an election atmosphere in our country. Common people believe that a change in electoral outcome will eventually result in a change in every aspect. But the history does not bear a testimony to this. Change in regime is a small part of complete change. It is a necessary and useful change. But the real change is one that changes the dynamics of the society and the way a society acts. Therefore, in addition to adeptly dealing with temporary yet important challenges such as these elections, we must move forward keeping our eyes on our grand mission of reinstating Bharat, a Bharat that is capable of restoring the world’s balance of Dharma, a Bharat that is capable of building a prosperous and beautiful world, as Vishwa Guru. This mission of ours can be realized only by imbibing the above mentioned three qualities, viz. a strong resolve, complete surrender to the resolve and augmenting our strengths while getting rid of our deficiencies. Let us all resolve on the eve of this New Year to refocus on these three aspects. In the end, I conclude this short speech of mine by once again wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

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