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MDMK manifesto tries to torpedo national oneness

‘United States of India’ – This is the name by which MDMK headed by Vaiko (once a DMK functionary) likes India to be called. The party has thought it fit to include this demand in its election manifesto released last week. As MDMK is part of NDA coalition, BJP took exception to this demand. Pon Radhakrishnan, BJP Tamilnadu President, in a statement pointed out that if at all name of the country is to be changed it should be called Bharat which, he added, is already in vogue. Hindu Munnani came down heavily upon MDMK’s ‘separatist demand’. Sri Ramagopalan of Hindu Munnani in his statement reminded that states are only part of the nation which is India and to rename it as United States is a “threat to India’s integrity and sovereignty”. 

Now, Chennai a base camp for Jihadis?
Gul Mohamed Maracachi Maraicar, a resident of Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu who was stripped of his Singapore permanent residency and repatriated to India. Maraicar, a former employee of information technology giant IBM in Singapore, told authorities in that country that jihadists had successfully recruited students from a college in Chennai. The investigation began with the disappearance of Tamil Nadu-born Singapore permanent resident Haja Fakkurudeen Usman Ali earlier this year. Intelligence sources said Ali’s ideological radicalisation had begun with his contact with Maraicar. Based on information from an informant, Singapore’s intelligence services determined Ali had left Singapore for Syria on January 22, 2014, traveling through Turkey — where several jihadist groups operating inside the violence-torn state are now based. (From an article in ‘The Hindu’ dated 25.3.14)

No uphill task for Kisan Sangh!
Sri Ayyakannu is the State Vice President of Bharatiya Kisan Sangh. Recently he climbed up a hill dedicated to Sri Ganesha in Trichy and threatened to jump to death if the banks fail to stop confiscation of tractors and farm implements from farmers. He pointed out that this being the election season his demand should get wide publicity. Police arrested him and two constables carried Sri Ayyakannu down two hundred steps along the hill side! He was accompanied by Palaniyaandi of Bharat Kisan Sangh.

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