VSK Chennai Sandesh

New Hindutva Voices during Loksabha Polls

Two things stand out in the election arena of Tamilnadu. One, BJP in Tamilnadu, which was an untouchable to all other political parties, could rope in six political parties into its alliance. Two, such new political friends has started talking Hindutva language. For example, Vijaykant of DMDK said in a public meeting the other day that Karunanidhi does not have the moral authority to call BJP communal because in the DMK alliance there are two communal (Muslim) outfits. 

Imposition of an Illegal Church Thwarted

Aasheervad TV is an evangelical telecast company. Recently it bought 20 grounds of land in Manjambakkam off Chennai with the stated purpose of building the TV network office. But one fine morning, about 20000 chairs were brought in trucks and several bus loads of Christians landed on the site. The locals understood what it was. A church was being imposed on the neighbourhood. They protested. Called in the police and also informed Hindu Munnani. They confronted the Church group with documents that District Collector had refused permission to put up a Church there. So the bus loads of Christians and truck loads of chairs had to beat a hurried retreat. 

The Octopus That Is Freebies
Over 600 small industrial units around Coimbatore cluster have been rendered almost sick. The reason: the State Government is delaying for over six months bills against supply of wet grinders which are distributed free to the public. The amount due is a staggering Rs. 500 crores. The delay results in difficulties from tax authorities as well. So the units which are mostly small scale ones suffer for no fault of theirs. There is general criticism that freebies involve additional load on the exchequer in turn on the tax payer. Now here, industrial units are also left high and dry by the freebie darbar, which is sought to be extended to the entire country by AIADMK supremo J Jayalalitha through her election manifesto.

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