ABPS: RSS General Secretary addresses the press at Bangalore

RSS Sarkaryavah today briefed the press and issued two statements at Bangalore.  In the statements issued today, RSS strongly condemn these shameful attempts to berate a holy saint like Amma and call upon the entire Hindu society and the right-thinking world to denounce those behind these machinations as the enemies of humanity.
RSS further call upon the patriotic countrymen to accord national honour to the heroic and inspiring life of Rani Ma by extending wholehearted support to all the activities being undertaken as part of her birth centenary.

The following are the extract of the Question and Answer session with the media.

Q: Has there been a discussion on Homosexuality and the laws regarding the same? What is Sangh’s view on this?
A: Though we have not discussed on this topic, we are of the view that anything which is detrimental to the health of the society should be detested.
Q: Will Sangh interfere in BJP’s selection process when they are unable to reach a conclusion?
A: Sangh will not interfere in the internal affairs of the party as we feel that the leaders of that party are capable enough of dealing with such situations.
Q: Dalai Lama has supported live-in relationships. But he has also supported Sangh earlier. Now, how does Sangh view his statement?
A: It is his personal view and he is entitled to it. But we will try to engage him on this convey our viewpoint on it.
Q: Where there any resolutions in this ABKM?
A: No resolutions but have taken in this ABKM but we have released two press releases. One regarding, the sinister ploy to discredit Amma which we feel is a planned effort by several people and organizations and we condemn it. The second is regarding the centenary celebrations of Nagaland Rani Gaidinliu, who fought against the British and was also awarded the Padma Shree. We have invited everyone to involve in these celebrations.
Q: Sangh had earlier called for retirement of old politicians. What is its view on several old politicians who are still active and want to contest elections even now?
A: Sangh does not give directions but is of the view that new generation should get an opportunity. It is also true that we require the guidance and experience of the older generation. Keeping this in mind we need to make the right choices.
Q: What is the view of Sangh on Corruption and Anti-Corruption movements?
A: Sangh has always been against corruption in society and has said earlier too that Swayamsevaks will involve in any anti-corruption movements. Even Sangh organizations like ABVP are also involved in fighting against corruption.
Q: With the emergence of AAP on the political scene, how does Sangh view AAP?
A: We too see AAP as you in the media do. New parties are formed in a democracy and time will decide who is right and who is not. Their performance has been visible. But if they are indeed capable of fighting corruption Sangh will surely support them too.
Q: What is Sangh’s view of Rahul Gandhi call to regard Jains as a minority community? Also how do you view his accusation that RSS members killed Gandhi?
A: Sangh has already said it does not support any move to divide the society as majority and minority. Jains are a part and parcel of the Hindu ethos, history and culture. Few of our traditions and rituals might be different but every culture of this land are Hindu.
Regarding Rahul Gandhi’s statement at a rally, we have complained to the Election commission and hope that they will take appropriate action.
Dr.Manmohan Vaidya, Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh was also present on the dais. Radhakrishna Holla of Vishwa Samvad Kendra welcomed the delegates from the press and introduced the speakers

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