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17, February, 2014

Samiti calls for a strong Centre

Rashtra Sevika Samiti calls upon sevikas to beware of self-proclaimed ‘anarchists’ as well as naxalites. Both of them are wreckers of the system, the Samiti points out. The Samiti, therefore, feels that a strong Central authority should emerge in the country—this was the idea of a resolution passed by Rashtra Sevika Samiti at its Akhila Bharitya Karyakarini and Pratinidhi Sabha Mandal Bitak held at Coimbatore from February 7 to February 9. The Samiti also took a dig at Government of India for opposing a Supreme Court order upholding Section 377 which declares that unnatural sexual relationships are an offence. The Coimbatore meet was attended by Pramuk Sanchalika Shantha Akka and Pramukh Karyavahika Seetha Akka.

Celebrities caught in the conversion net

(1) T.Rajender was a former publicity secretary of DMK. He is a well-known Tamil filmy hero as well. Recently, he converted to Christianity along with his son Simbu (Silambarasan) who is also a filmy hero. (2) Yuvan Shankar Raja, son of Ilayaraja a front ranking music director of Tamil Cinema declared that he is practicing Islam. It was reported that his father, a devout Hindu objected to it. But the young man was adamant. It was also reported that he wanted to marry a third time and so took refuge in Islam. Both are straws in the wind. 

Sadhus demand a place in voter list

Several hundreds of Sadhus have set up Ashrams around the holy Tiruvannamalai hill venerated by Hindus as Lord Shiva himself. Last week, 300 hundreds of Sadhus approached the district collector requesting that their names be included in the voter list. They also demanded voter Ids. They have their own reason. Many of them wander all over the country and a voter Id will be of a great help to them. These Sadhus in the age group of 30 to 70 will be casting their vote for the first time. 

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  1. It is important for every mother to nurture the child in Hindu way of life; particularly those whose wards are put up in a christian school. otherwise he may succumb to situations two such cases are that of T.R and Yuvan sankar raja