People can now see through the masks of agents working through and for foreign powers and interests

- Ashok Singhal, Patron, Vishva Hindu Parishad

Ahmedabad, February 19, 2014: Arvind Kejriwal, during the past 1½ - 2 years, came before the society as a leader of agitations for India Against Curruption (IAC) and Jan Lokpal Bill, and later on he floated a political party. Taking advantage of the declining popularity of the Congress Party and deluding the people, Kejriwal came to assume power as Chief Minister in the Delhi State which after 1½ months he ran away from due to inexperience and governance deficit. Today the whole country is askance as to which superpower stands behind Kejriwal’s coming to power? Increasingly it is getting exposed that behind Kejriwal there is the big hand of the Ford Foundation of USA and its supporter the American intelligence agency the CIA. Under the cover of civil society, Kejriwal and his comrades, with their demands, have been thrashing about. The so-called ‘Civil Activists’ or members of the ‘Civil Society’ are part of a vast organization namely the World Social Forum. The formation and growth of the ‘World Social Forum’ took leaps through the leftist ideologues whose world leadership had come out of the communist camp after the decline and disintegration of the Communist Russia in the 1990s.  

Ever since the western world has set foot in Bharat, since then and even after the independence of Bharat, their firm grip on the Bharatiya market and national policies has still been continuing. Being petrified by the growing power of Narendra Modi they had a feeling that the Congress, through which they were so easily manipulating the national policies and the Bharatiya market, was sliding to the abyss, then through the Ford Foundation they pooled all those forces that can prevent Narendra Modi from becoming the leader of Bharat. Today, various institutions in Bharat, terrorist Naxalite organizations, terrorist Jihadi organizations and numerous fast-growing foreign-funded TV channels and their directors and handlers and journalists and the activists of thousands of NGOs here receiving direct or proxy aid from the Ford Foundation, Rockfeller Foundation, Clinton Foundation, etc., have turned up as the Kejriwal’s Party (Aam Admi Party/AAP) to serve the interests of America. The Anglo-American power is solely working behind its attractive slogans like ‘Corruption-free India”.

The way the government running under the authority of Soniaji has brought Bharat to its economic predicament, that has made their downfall sure and under these circumstances the Aam Admi Party (AAP) has been floated as their political accessory and servo for the 2014 general elections. When the AAP prides itself of fielding over 300 candidates in the coming general elections for Lok Sabha, every Bharatiya citizen wants to know the powers standing behind them. Kejriwal has been given the Magsasay Award. The Ford Foundation tries to give this award to those people who can work for American interests.  

A few days ago a lady from America Simirit Lee by name came to Bharat to assess as to who could actually sincerely work for American interests in Bharat. This lady was sent to other countries also where the vast network of Ford Foundation has been working in the form of NGOs. This lady had presented a report as to how could the power of Ford Foundation be successful against Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. In other countries also she has made extensive and intensive explorations as to what could be the grounds to dislodge the existing governments and how could the people serving American interests come to power. Any semblance or inkling of the slogan of ‘Corruption-free India’ of Kejriwal is nowhere to be found in his personal behaviour as yet. After being sworn in to the Chief Minister’s office, sitting on Dharna, transgressing the Constitution of Bharat, calling the Republic Day names, calling himself ‘anarchist’ were flagrant displays of the Naxalite persona and arrogance in him. It is open sedition and anti-national stand on the part of his party to say that there should be a referendum in Kashmir even if it is for disintegration of the country, the Army should be withdrawn from Kashmir in spite of the fact that full-fledged terrorist camps are running across in the Pak-Occupied Kashmir and there is perennial efforts at infiltration of terrorists from Pakistan, and what is more they are even demanding such action in the Maoist-infested areas and withdrawal of the paramilitary forces. Kejriwal, on the one hand, is fighting against the police force, and on the other, he wants to end the rule of law in the Maoist-infested areas, and surely it is a recipe for disaster and a well-designed plot to spread anarchy in the whole of Bharat, so that the foreign powers can take advantage of the situation. The people of Bharat have detected it and seen through the masks of these subversive and treasonable activists. The leadership of Narendra Modi can ensure that Bharat stands as a sovereign, independent and powerful nation where national security, national prosperity and national honour are ensured. This is the demand and command of the country today.        
- Released by
Prakash Sharma, Advocate
Vishva Hindu Parishad

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