Baseless allegations by media against RSS Chief

‘The Caravan’ magazine carried a report, said to be given by Swami Asseemanand, with baseless allegation, on involvement of RSS Chief in the blasts carried out in Samjhauta Express. 
“This is a political conspiracy. Aseemanand has clarified he never said this. We have to see the timing," said RSS leader Ram Madhav. 
"We condemn this attempt to bring back the false allegations. Such false allegations were made earlier to defame RSS leadership but they were proved to wrong. Aseemanand, in the court and outside, denied making such statements. Questions arise on the authenticity of the interview. The timing of the interview poses a political conspiracy.
Senior RSS functionary MG Vaidya said that allegation by a media about Aseemanand ji’s statement is baseless. “All of it is a lie, imagination. Such acts will not be done by RSS. The Sangh does not tell someone to explode bombs; its job is character building, creating history. It has no connection with terror”, he said.
NIA sources say during probe Aseemanand did not name any senior RSS leader. 

Aseemanand's lawyer J S Rana had issued a statement on Wednesday categorically stating that the content of the article was a bundle of lies. The lawyer also said that his client denied having given any such interview and threatened to take legal action against the magazine and its correspondent.
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  1. It is heartening to know that Swami Aseemanand's lawyer has condemned the lies and issued an ultimatum to the magazine to apologize,failing which legal action would be taken against it. Since Elections are approaching,the unethical and corrupt Con party is again trying to malign Hindu institutions and religious persons. We must not let them succeed in their nefarious plans.

  2. IT CLEARLY SHOWS THAT IT S THE UGLY WORK OF CONGRESS .THEY CAN'T ABLE TO FACE US DIRECTLY SO the dirty thinkers use shortcuts they never succeed.

  3. २०१४ के चुनाव से पहेले लोगो का दीयांन बटका कर नई चल चल रहे है केंद्र सरकार. देश का एक मात्र हिन्दू संघठन जो सिर्फ सिर्फ भारत माता कि जय ही कहता है उस पर ये इल्जाम कि बम ब्लास्ट में संघ का हाथ है.. भारत देश को केंद्र सरकार से बचोओ और भारत देश को हिन्दू राष्ट्र बनाने सभी हिन्दू एक हो जाये....

  4. Liars like Leena Reghunath should not be spared, nor yellow journals like 'The Caravan'. They must face the consequences of their villainy.. RSS must take legal action against these crooked Media persons. Con party has stooped too low in its greed for muslim votes.We must teach them a lesson without delay.Otherwise it will be counter-productive for us, as the Media has already started discussing this matter.