How a 12 year struggle by Grahak Panchayat yielded a Law to protect the Consumer

“Every one of us is a Grahak and acts as an important element in economics.  Laws are many.  In 1974 when ABGP was founded, it felt that there should be one law for consumers.  After 12 years of struggle by ABGP, an Act came into being to mete out  justice to consumers,” said Ashok Trivedi, ABGP All India Secretary, at the‘National Consumer Rights Day’ programme organized by the Chennai unit of ABGP on January 3, 2014 at Sita Kingston House Matric school. He explained how consumers are exploited and pointed out that ‘consumer resistance’ is the need of the hour and everyone should practice it.  

Smt. J.Vijaya Thilagam, Sri Ashok Trivedi, Sri M Anandan

 Sri M. Anandan, Deputy Director, Doordarshan, in his presidential address emphasized that as a consumer everyone has a right to redress. Smt. J. Vijaya Thilagam, Coordinator, Consumer Protection Department, government of Tamilnadu,  in her address stressed on the role of vigilant consumer awareness.  Consumer  awareness starts from womb. It continues even after death, she quipped. ‘Reduce, reuse and less use’ is the message to be followed by every citizen, she added.

Pushpanjali to Swami Vivekananda wass performed by the dignitaries on the occasion.

Prizes were distributed to the winners of oratorical competition conducted by ABGP. 

Smt.S.Nirmala Gowri, Principal of the School, welcomed the gathering. A vote of thanks was proposed by Sri Venkatraman, Co-ordinator of ABGP.

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